• Change Your Life with Meditation

    Do you think meditation is boring? It’s a sign: You’re ready to level up! Here are 6 meditation skills to level up your mind + reality! You’re not a beginner anymore (trust me). Here’s 6 ways to take your meditating to the next level.

    Video: 6 Meditation Skills that will Change Your Life

    Here are the six skills to learn to move from a beginner meditator to an intermediate one! Read the post below or watch the video above.

    1. Get out of the Stress State

    The stress state is a particularly damaging state to remain in. Learn to unravel the stress state while meditating. The idea is to pinpoint stressed feelings first, then calm them and release them. It only takes about 5-10 mins once you get the hang of it. And you’ll feel amazing after. The goal: de-stress whenever you want.

    2. Re-experience Memories in a Safe Space

    Create a safe space in your mind for unwanted re-occurring memories to surface. Let them play until they run out. Know that you’re safe the whole time you re-experience this. Acknowledge the feelings you have. Allow them. Learn from them. Then release them. As opposed to letting your mind run wild and control you, this skills allows you to gain control of your mind.

    3. Do a Future Visualization

    Visualize a positive outcome for your future. Feel the good feelings that come with experiencing the positive outcome. Start with small, regular, simple things that you know you can do. Like washing your hands to drawing a doodle. Then work up to larger dreams like passing a test or giving a wonderful speech. Then wake up and bring that future to life.


    4. Have a Conversation with Yourself

    In this skills, you let the inner part of yourself speak. This inner pat can be called many things: our inner self, true self, higher self, inner child, superego, super conscious, etc. You likely even have multiple inner selves, which is very normal. So get into meditation and just start asking yourself questions. Listen for your own “inner” answers in a non-judgmental way. Have a conversation. Become more in touch with yourself. Because you’re amazing.

    5. Do a Healing Meditation

    When do we ever heal non-physical aspects of ourselves that have become worn and damaged? Basically never. In meditation you can heal your hurt non-physical self, for example, your Emotional Self and Spiritual Self. While meditating, bathe yourself in healing waters. Feel the waters healing you washing away anything negative you want to release. Or try a healing light meditation, or a color meditation! Bathe your being in your favorite color – why not? You’ll feel amazing after, trust me.

    The sixth way to level up your mediation skills: find your chakras. Image shows locations of chakras going up the spine!
    Finding Your Chakras

    6. Find Your Chakras

    Babe, it is time to find all 7 of your energy centers. You want to locate them, open them, and close them to healthy balanced level. Think about it like an adjustable light. You’ll learn about a whole new inner world (of you!) and gain the basic skills needed for working with these powerful chakras.

    So there you are! The six meditation skills I recommend you learn to move from a beginning meditator to an intermediate mediator.

    I highly encourage you to level up your mind and reality by manipulating the crazy amazing mind – brain – conscious system that we have!

    Video: 6 Meditation Skills that will Change Your Life

    What do you think about leveling-up your meditation skills?

    What do you think about leveling up your meditation skills with these six abilities?

    Have you tried any of these? Are you curious about any of these? What would you add? I would love to know!

    –> Hop over to the comment section on this YouTube video and share your thoughts!! I can’t wait to hear from you 🙂

    And for even more room in your consciousness, try the Consciousness Challenge, which I made just for you! Details below. ↓

    Here’s to your success upgrading your #meditationskills

    I am so proud of you!

    Dr. Erienne Weine

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  • Raise Your Consciousness

    Raising your consciousness raises the quality of your life experience. It levels you up – right now! Why should you raise your consciousness? To feel more alive. To be more alive! First we’ll see what consciousness is. Then, we’ll talk about 3 ways to raise it! Let’s go!

    Fresh Philosopher | 3 Ways to Raise Your Consciousness: Mindfulness, Meditation, The NOW
    Woman doing yoga alone at sunrise with mountain and ocean view. Harmony with nature. Self-analysis and soul-searching


    Consciousness goes by many names! Here are a few:

    • Awareness
    • Your own personal perspective of reality
    • Awakeness
    • Attention
    • Knowingness
    • Focus
    • Energy state
    • Quality of experience
    • Being in the moment
    • Your real true self
    • The underlying nature of reality

    Consciousness is like the piece of paper that our reality is printed on. Usually, we only care about the words. But without the paper – we wouldn’t – and couldn’t – have any words at all. This is what consciousness is like. It is the underlying nature of our reality.



    Why should you raise your consciousness? To feel more alive. To be more alive! Your regular sensory abilities will be extended! Your overall life experience will be deeper and larger. You will be able to:

    • Take in more information
    • Experience more of your environment
    • Experience a higher quality of senses
    • Smell more deeply
    • Taste more deeply
    • See more clearly
    • Hear more
    • Feel more of your body
    • Be calmer
    • Feel a wider range of emotions


    Here are 3 tried-and-true methods for up-leveling your conscious state!


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    A great technique for raising your consciousness is Mindfulness!

    In this exercise, you go about your regular business very attentive to each specific thing you are doing.

    A popular method is to light a candle. Pay attention to the flame. Stay focused on the flame. When your mind wanders (and it will!) gently guide it back to the flame. Do this for 5 minutes. This will seriously up-level your consciousness!

    It doesn’t have to be a flame. Any similar thing – of your choice – will do the trick!

    With mindfulness, you are training your consciousness to do what you say. And that is to stay focused on something.

    Being able to choose where your consciousness goes up-levels you. Why? Because the world is constantly bombarding you with things to distract your attention! This pulls your conscious into many small pieces.

    But focusing your energy on one task intentionally allows you to gather a greater amount of consciousness in one place.

    The result? More life! 🙂

    2. BE IN THE NOW

    Being in the Now will majorly up-level your consciousness.

    Here’s how it works:

    We are constantly living in the future or the past, mentally.

    The Now is what we actually have. And the Now is what we are burning up when we are focusing on these other places.

    Right Now is always here. And it is a very powerful place.

    Let’s try it now. Fully enter your life. BE IN THE NOW. Right now. Go!

    ~ You are in the now ~

    Well done. If you are ever missing a part of yourself, look for it in the Now.


    Mediation is the third tactic for expanding your consciousness. And it is amazing.

    I like to say – Meditation allows you to calm the water bowl of your mind. Here’s the analogy:

    Usually, the waves of our mind are fast and high. In this case, not much can stay in the water bowl. But if we slow down, the waves are lower, and we can fit more into the water bowl (without water splashing out).

    Meditation helps you to calm things down. When things are calmer you can have more water in the bowl. And by water, I mean… consciousness! 🙂

    To get started, I made you a 1-minute meditation.



    I hope these ideas inspire you! But the real inspiration comes from within.

    So I encourage you to go figure out what consciousness-manipulation methods work FOR YOU. That’s right. I’m giving you permission to purposefully move your consciousness!

    I promise some things will come easily + naturally to you. Here are some suggestions:

    • Move your consciousness down over your body
    • Go into nature and expand it out from your body
    • Become conscious of your internal world
    • Go to a beautiful place and become hyper-conscious of it
    • Attend to your emotional world
    • Become conscious of the everyday physical world around you
    • Try a guided meditation

    I am so excited for you!

    Fresh Philosopher | 3 Ways to Raise Your Consciousness: Mindfulness, Meditation, The NOW


    I am super curious – what do you think? Would you try these techniques? Do you already do these things to raise your consciousness?

    Hop over to this video on YouTube, leave a comment, and let me know! I can’t wait to hear from you 🙂

    Dr. Erienne Weine

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    I’ve made a challenge for you!

    It is a 7-Day Challenge, in which you try these 3 consciousness-raising techniques for one week. It is based on a worksheet. I designed this specifically to encourage you on your consciousness journey! Go you. 🙂

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    Thank you! I am super excited to share this with you.

  • Feel Beautiful with Love Energy

    “I’ll love myself when I’m beautiful.”
    How many times have I thought that?
    So many. Too many. Countless.
    Self love? Sure, I tried it. And I failed catastrophically.
    “Maybe this works for other people,” I’d think. “Other people who are loveable. Other people who have body love . But not me.”
    This is how I felt. For so long.

    “I’ll love myself when I’m beautiful.”

    I used to look at myself in the mirror and think, “When will I love my body?”

    I noticed that I only loved my body when I pushed it, hounded it, pounded it, polished it, and squeezed it into a desirable form.

    In my mind’s eye, my body was wrong. So I simply couldn’t love it.

    Young woman checking her face in the mirror, on the journey to greater body love


    Now don’t get me wrong. There were times where I did love my body. And those were times when I thought I looked great!

    But even during the good times – times of body acceptance – I still felt separated from it. I never felt like the beautiful person in the mirror was ME.

    I would actually SAY – “I can’t believe it.”

    I couldn’t believe it was me.

    Then, when beauty disappeared, I felt awful about myself. I thought – “Oh, this who I really am.”

    I would actually SAY – “I can’t believe it.”

    The truth is, I didn’t accept myself as beautiful. The woman in the mirror always felt like someone else. Someone I’d never be. Even though I was physically her at that very moment!

    This is when I realized something was deeply wrong.


    I realized something was wrong with me. But not on the OUTSIDE; on the INSIDE.

    Actually, there was nothing wrong with my body. There was something wrong with my psyche.

    I realized that I didn’t own my beauty. I didn’t feel my beauty. I didn’t believe it was a trait attached to me.

    I didn’t own my beauty. I didn’t feel my beauty.

    And yet, regardless of what I believed, I knew deep down that beauty was there still. Just under the surface of my belief.

    The problem was, beauty was disconnected from my self image.


    I decided to do something about it. I started experimenting.

    My thinking went like this: If my perception of beauty was internally motivated, I should be able to play with it.

    So I started playing dress up with my psyche. I started playing make-believe with my self-image.

    First, I made my internal image into a queen. I imagined what my queenly dress would look like, and how I’d walk around my castle. (I may have watched a lot of Reign.)

    Next, I imagined myself as a goddess. I dreamed up my flowing cloak of magic, my house on the moon. You know. As one does.

    I even started a Pinterest board of my fantasy self icons.

    Mostly, I got really inspired by the Jessie J song Queen.

    It is pretty fantastic. You should probably listen to it right now.

    I love my body. I love my skin. I am a goddess. I am a queen.

    Jessie J


    What I noticed about all of these methods was this: They helped me love my body more.

    So I broke it down. I started experimenting with love.

    Specifically, I started sendng love into my body.

    Using my imagination, I sent love deep down: into the core of my being.

    I also sent love all over – into my toes. Into my fingers. Into my lips. And my hips. You get the idea.

    I sent love into the air around my body. And into my hair.

    I sent love into the parts of me that I hated the most. I sent love into parts of me that I ignored.

    I sent love deep down: into the core of my being.

    I didn’t do this all on one day, but a little bit at a time. Before I looked in the mirror. When I was meditating. When I was waiting in line.

    Sending love to myself was hard at first. It felt like doing nothing. Truly. But I got better at it. And soon it began to feel more and more real. Until it became just another part of my everyday self.

    I think it works like a muscle. An emotional muscle. Except instead of controlling your body, this one controls your emotional energy. The more you work it, the better you get.


    The key of sending love into my body opened a new world for me.

    Now, I feel love.

    I feel love for myself.

    I feel love for myself no matter what.

    I feel love before I look in the mirror. I feel love after I look in the mirror. No matter what creature I see, I always feel love for her.

    And if that love feeling starts to fade, I have the tool to bring it back. I have the capacity to boost my positive feelings about my body again.


    As I was playing around with this love energy, I began to feel fantastic. But something else happened. Something… weird.

    I was not simply loving myself and feeling more beautiful.

    Loving my body actually made me, physically, more beautiful.

    I began to glow. To truly feel good. To radiate a certain kind of energy. I think they call it confidence.

    I started carrying my body differently. More openly. I felt a greater ownership of my physical being. Loving my body actually increased my physical vitality.

    I began executing my personal hygiene routines more gently. I started brushing my hair tips-up, patting my skin dry, and giving myself little hand massages when I washed my hands.

    My new feelings about my body actually changed how it treated it. I began to treat myself well. I began to prioritize feeling good, rather than simply avoiding feeling bad.


    Not only that, but the glass wall of self-denial came down.

    I finally accepted my beauty!

    No longer was the invisible wall there, preventing me from identifying with the beautiful person I was.

    I finally felt connected to my beauty.

    When I looked in the mirror, I began to immediately notice my naturally wavy hair. I saw how happy my eyes looked! But I forgot to notice the imperfections around my eyes. That used to be all I saw.

    I finally accepted my beauty

    Now I felt the amazing energy of being a beautiful creature.

    Wow this was different! I really hacked something. I broke through.

    I was no longer someone who relied on the mirror to feel beautiful. Now I was someone who felt beautiful just for existing.

    For the first time in my life, I felt genuinely wonderfully about my physical being. The love I couldn’t accept before was inside me. I had snuck it in.


    I like to think I trojan-horsed my self love.

    All along, I had been attacking my outer image, trying to make it beautiful. But that outer sense of beauty never made it past the guards.

    Instead, I snuck my love energy in. I put it in a message, snuck it past the gates, and dropped that message in the center of town. When that message was opened, love flowed everywhere. Love got in.

    My inner sense of beauty blossomed.

    So here’s how to do it.

    Young woman holding hands to chest sending in body love


    • Send love into your body
    • Accept love into your body
    • Feel love in your body & hold it there
    • Speak lovingly to your body
    • Have a positive conversation with yourself about your body
    • Touch your body lovingly
    • Do your regular hygiene lovingly
    • Ask your body to accept love
    • Take on the role of your body and say, “I accept this love”
    • Tell yourself “I love you”

    Look at yourself with your heart. Not your eyes. Feel with your heart. Send love to yourself. Accept love inside yourself.

    Send love to yourself

    It will be weird. It may be hard. But it is worth it.

    Work past every single boundary and barrier that comes up until you can feel love on command. It is worth it. It is freaking awesome.

    One great way to get started is a self-love meditation.


    If you are typically frustrated with your body, it means you’re sending it negative energy. You’re blocking yourself. To unblock yourself – you need to do something different.

    Send your body positive energy. It is radical.

    Instead of looking in the mirror, hoping for something to love, you love your body first. Then look in the mirror. If you want to.

    It works like wearing lenses or glasses. You see things differently with a different filter. And you value things differently.

    Love your body first. Then look in the mirror.

    When you do this, you are letting love energy flow into your body. It actually does real work. It creates real change in your body.

    Love energy can heal you. Love energy can empower you. It can also relax you, center you, and clear you.

    What you’re really doing, at a deep level, is aligning your body’s energy with a positive, loving frequency. And this loving frequency will build you a different body as your cells naturally repair. This new body is healthier, more vibrant, and even more beautiful.

    Isn’t that worth trying? Isn’t that worth fighting for?

    Woman spinning in forest enjoying nature and good old body love


    This is what I was wanting all along!

    Now if I look in the mirror, instead of looking for something to love, I’m looking at something I do love.

    Perhaps this is what you’ve been wanting too? To finally accept yourself. To finally love yourself. To simply be enough.

    So I encourage you to try it. Go for it! Send yourself love. Do it in every way that speaks to you.

    Do it for your body. Do it for yourself. Do it to free your soul.

    My dear – you are enough. You are beautiful right now. And you deserve to know it. You deserve to feel it. You deserve to heal your body with the frequency of love.

    Write yourself a love note and go place it in your heart. Then read it again and again.

    Send love energy into yourself. Give yourself time. Keep sending the love. Keep accepting the love. And I promise you will bloom.

    I believe in you.


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  • Adopt a Vegan Mindset

    An unexpected benefit of going plant-based is a vegan mindset. Going vegan takes a lot of mental focus. This focus and choice create a lot mental positives. I describe five benefits in this video!

    Vegan Mindset Benefits

    Here are 5 mental positives that develop naturally as you change your life and shift to a vegan mindset:

    1. Mental strength. Choosing to eat differently from society takes guts! By following your own gut, against the current, you become mentally tougher. You become mentally strong.
    2. A deeper connection to your body. Eating plant-based really brings your cravings, hunger, satisfaction, and thirst into sharper focus. You’ll understand better what you body needs. You’ll gain skill in satisfying its signals. This will lead you to feel much more connected to your own body, which feels fantastic.
    3. Glow. Glowing from the inside-out includes feeling good about yourself in your own mind. When you’re taking excellent care of yourself, for yourself, it brings your self-love to the front of your mind. And it shows!
    4. Self-empowerment. Once you get the hang of living plant-based, you will have seriously leveled up, my friend! You will have powered yourself in a whole new way. And that self-empowerment will extend to every area of your life!
    5. And one more… 😉

    Enjoy the video!

    Above all, remember, the world has so many reasons that you should go vegan. But you know what? Forget all of that. That’s right. Forget it! Don’t do it for them. Do it for you.

    Have you Tried a Vegan Mindset?

    Have you ever tried a vegan mindset? I would love to know!

    Hop over to this video on YouTube + leave me a comment. I can’t wait to hear about your journey! ↓

    YouTube Video: 5 Benefits of a Vegan Mindset – Fresh Philosopher

    Love and plants,

    Dr. Erienne Weine

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  • Face Your Dreams

    Let me ask you a question: Do you follow your dreams?

    How would it feel if you did?

    What would your dream life look like?

    I’m not talking about a life of vacation. Instead, I’m talking about a life where you follow your dreams! You know, doing what lights you up inside – that’s what I mean! How would it feel?

    What if everything you did – from the time you woke up – to the time you went to asleep – felt in alignment with who you really are?

    I’d like to add a little hope and sparkle to your day. I’m inviting you to follow your DREAMS! Do it even if they don’t seem possible right now. Still…


    Think about your dream life!


    Why on earth should you listen to your dreams? Follow your dreams? Live your dream life?

    Well… here’s the answer!

    What are your dreams?

    If you don’t know, find out.

    Here are great ways to interact with your dream ideas:

    • Write them down
    • Take a walk and think about your dreams
    • Share them with a friend over coffee
    • Post a comment on this video and I’ll seeeee you
    • You can even share them with me. 🙂

    I believe in you.

    And I believe that you deserve to follow your dreams.

    ? Have a fresh day!

    ? Much love,



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  • Have an Amazing Morning (Routine)

    What if you could do EVERYTHING you wanted to… every single morning? What if you had an amazing morning routine? That’s the question I asked myself one Sunday.

    I had just finished writing in my journal. I love writing. And I casually thought, “Oh, I’ll do this again tomorrow for sure.” Then it hit me. I wasn’t going to be able to write in my journal tomorrow. Or the next day. I had work. Suddenly, I was suddenly very sad.

    Then I thought, “Why not? Why CAN’T I write in my journal tomorrow? Or do anything else I want?”

    The answer came quickly: Because my mornings “belonged” to work. Duh. My mornings were not my own. They belonged to my job. Along with my energy. My time. My thoughts. And my dreams.

    Screw that!

    As soon as I realized I had this mindset, I decided to change it. So I did. For the next week, I woke up earlier and gave myself writing time. It was lovely! But not only that, it was game-changing. Getting organized before the day begins, packing bag, laptop, and drinking tea

    The Morning Routine Snowball Effect

    Now that I was setting aside time for myself, I started doing a bit more each day to make my mornings enjoyable. I started making myself a nice cup of tea. Then I added breakfast. After a while, I slapped a 10-min meditation session in there.

    Before I knew it, I had created a morning routine!

    I’m delighted to present you my “Extra AF Morning Routine.” Because it really is extra.

    Then, I happily show you my method so you can make one of your own.

    Click to Pin on Pinterest:Benefits-of-an-Extra-AF-Morning_Routine-Pinterest-Image-Large


    My Morning Routine Checklist

    I have a checklist with each of these items on my phone. I use an app called AwesomeNOTE. I’d say I do about 80% of these every day, roughly in this order. Okay, let’s wake up! 🙂

    1.Remove self from bed

    Yes, I literally have this on my checklist. It can be the hardest part! Plus, it gets me to look at the rest of my list.

    2. Put on pants (2 mins)

    Or a robe or whatever. Some mornings it is so cold, I want to stay in bed FOREVER to keep warm. So I’ll put on sweatpants, a robe, and/or a huge comfy sweater immediately to keep that cozy feeling!

    3. Bathroom

    Nature calls. Or at least it probably should sometimes. (It would be weird to put a time here… so I’m just gonna… leave this blank…)

    4. Brush teeth, scrape tongue, & splash water on face (5 mins)

    Yum, pepperminty freshness! I’m beginning to feel human.

    5. Make lemon tea or lime tea (5 mins)

    Boil some water. Cut a lemon (or lime!) in half. Squeeze juice into a mug, and pour hot water on top. Check button on the list! Apparently, this is super healthy for your innards.

    6. Open curtains (while water boils)

    Heaven let your light shine down!

    A woman meditates on the lake dock at dawn 7. Meditate (10 mins)

    I meditate 10 mins in the morning. Sometimes I use an app. Sometimes just a timer. It feels seriously amazing and is linked to a ridiculous amount of benefits. It reminds me that I’m alive and my energy is MINE.

    → Mystified about how to begin a meditation routine? Try the Consciousness Challenge!

    8. Light stretch (2 mins)

    After sitting still for 10 mins, you’ll want to stretch. Move whatever feels good! Yawn.

    9. Breathe fresh air (1 min)

    I open up the front door and take a few deep breaths! Sometimes I scare a bird or two… heh.

    Flatlay of my breakfast routine including Notebook, pens, Coffee, Oatmeal, and an apple

    10. Journal & sip tea (30 mins)

    Now it is time for my favorite activity of the day! I sit down with my journal and pens. I write as long as I want to. Usually, my tea is the perfect temperature right now, so I sip it. Sometimes I write only a few sentences, sometimes I write a few pages, and other times I stare out the window. If I don’t use the full time, that’s fine. But I still block it off and respect my precious journal time!

    11. Quick little workout (30 mins)

    I’ll spend no more than 30 mins donning workout clothes, stretching, then doing a quick workout. I’ll go for a 1 mile run or do a couple Blogilates workout videos. Or do yoga from an app (or simply from memory). This is such a nice thing to do for yourself! Your sense of accomplishment will be sky high! Also, it is a hack of “highly successful people.”

    12. Recover and de-sweat (10 mins)

    Stretch and prevent yourself from smelling weird all day 🙂

    13. Put on actual clothes (10 mins)

    I allow myself to enjoy the process of getting dressed, but sometimes I enjoy it too much. So I squash this part after my workout and before food! This prevents me from trying on 1 million outfits, then going with the first one anyway.

    A healthy breakfast of greek yogurt with fruit, some kind of pressed juice, and hipster aesthetics
    14. Make breakfast (5 mins)

    Usually, I have pre-made breakfast ready to go. Like homemade granola, granola bars, banana bread, or some overnight oatmeal. Sometimes I’ll make a smoothie. Why do I make breakfast easy? Because I get so hungry I can’t think. Also, I’m expecting this breakfast to give me at least 6 hours of hearty energy, so I go for nutrients.

    15. Eat breakfast (10 mins)

    I challenge you to do nothing but EAT during breakfast. Try it. Don’t look at anything on your phone, don’t read, and don’t listen to a podcast. Instead look at your food. Taste it. Smell it. Enjoy it. Be grateful for it. Go slow. It feels lovely. Don’t you love food? Surprisingly this doesn’t take very long at all but feels like forever (in a delicious food way).

    17. Pick up around the house, water plants, make the bed (10 mins)

    I take a little time to put away my breakfast, clear daily clutter, water a few plants, then make the bed. It feels good to spruce up my space. I’ll pick up only: trash, recycling, shoes, clothes. Very adulting. Don’t get carried away tho (no scrubbing okay?).

    18. Hair and face (10 mins)

    I give myself the chance to enjoy fixing my hair and attending to my precious face. Sometimes I’ll get into my makeup. Some days I decide to simply shine my innate beauty (its pretty bright). Here are my Daily Hacks for Happy Winter Skin!

    19. Pack bag (5 mins)

    Along with important items like keys, wallet, phone, laptop, I take time to pack a water bottle. Maybe a snack. I make sure I have tissues, deodorant, gloves, etc. Any little things I might want or that the season might call for. Very classy.

    20. End of routine!

    Now that I’ve enjoyed my morning thoroughly, my work has permission to begin!

    → → ABSOLUTELY NOT ALLOWED during morning routine (trust me):

    Social media. Checking email. Returning texts. Let the world think you’re sleeping. Shh…

    Benefits of a Leisurely Morning

    Now let’s see how long that took altogether: 145 mins! Oh my! Adding some restroom time and that’s about… 2 1/2 hours.

    Before you freak out, allow me to dissect the time and few reasons why it is worth it: ENJOYMENT & EXTRA ENERGY

    • You will actually WANT to get up and do your favorite things, so there’s no need to account for hitting snooze.
    • You won’t have to experience stress first thing in the morning
    • You’ll be STICKING IT TO THE MAN who says “Your morning energy is MINE wahaha” (I think)
    • I use this routine to manage depression and anxiety symptoms.
    • You will be FULL OF ENERGY and have a super effective day.
    • I did say this was “Extra AF”


    • You must do many of these things anyway! Like put on clothes, brush your teeth, and pack your bag. Why not track them?
    • Lots of workplaces are flexible with time. So see about beginning your workday a bit later.
    • If you’re a student, maybe you can plan your schedule with this in mind 🙂
    • Entrepreneurs – I bet you have some control over your availability.
    • You can easily cut out the workout and/or cleaning to save time

    So why is it “worth it?” Because you are worth it. And you’ll be worth more today if you energize first thing!

    Make your own morning routine indoor plants on a shelf

    How To Make Your Own Morning Routine

    1. Find your anchor. For me, it is writing in my journal. Not only is it the thing that drives me to look forward to morning times, but it is the central, core component of the morning routine. 
    2. Sit down and write out a list to answer the question: “What would I love to do every morning, which brings me joy?”
    3. Write out a second list to answer the question: “What do I really NEED to do every morning?”
    4. Combine the lists and adjust for reasonability (Maybe you can’t go to a cafe in Paris every morning, but I bet you can mimic the ambiance of that experience by making yourself a homemade latte, then sipping it in your dining room while playing cafe music. Why not?).
    5. Estimate times for each item, then calculate total time.
    6. Set your alarm accordingly!
    7. Try this for 5 days in a row (for reasons to NOT TRY IT ONCE THEN GIVE UP, you might enjoy my post How to Set the Bar Low).
    8. After day 5 assess and adjust (I adjust all of the time)!

    In closing, I know this is crazy. I know this routine is huge and extravagant. But you know what? It is amazing. And life-changing. And really not that weird (if you want to conquer life on the regs). 🙂

    So I encourage you to make a morning routine. Try it.

    → Tell me about your morning routine on my Facebook or Instagram

    Much love,

    Dr. Erienne Weine

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  • Mental Health Trick: Keep Skin Happy (10 Ways)

    In this post, I discuss why keeping dry skin happy is one of my favorite mental health hacks. Then I show you my favorite ways to do it.

    Why Dry Skin is a Mental Health Foe

    I am convinced that extremely dry skin is a mental health issue.

    Why? Because it hurts!

    It leads to bleeding knuckles for goodness sake!

    Is there any symptom more motivating than blood loss, I ask you? Absolutely not.

    Pain is actually a very helpful thing. It alerts us when our body is in trouble, hurting, or damaged. Therefore, painfully dry skin is actually a signal that something is wrong. A part of our brain hears something like this:

    PAIN! SOMETHING IS WRONG! ALERT! DAMAGE IMPENDING! [actual transcript of my skin]

    In the past when I had mega itchy skin, and these signals were flying all over, I would just ignore it. Amazingly, my body just got drier. This continued until my skin felt like it was no longer sufficient to cover my organs. Sooo painful. Yet somehow I remained mystified as to why I “felt bad.”

    One day, I did something truly crazy. I hydrated my skin. Heavily. An entire bottle of olive oil may have disappeared. And you know what? It felt AH-MAY-ZING. And now I’m never going back to the land of dry cracked lips.

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    Keeping Skin Happy Feels Amazing Inside and Out

    My vision of mental health is feeling GOOD. I want to feel peaceful, vibrant, and well. These days, nothing makes me feel all glowy and positive faster than tending to angry skin. Why? When I tend to my painfully dry skin, I prove to myself that I can overcome any assaults to my wellbeing.

    When I tend to my painfully dry skin, I prove to myself that I can overcome any assaults to my wellbeing.

    And it just feels great too. So not only is skin hydration some much-needed body love and kind maintenance, it is a physical signal of care and love sent to my nervous system and brain. What could be more lovely than that?

    Ten Dry Skin Cures

    I highly encourage you to pamper yourself this week with some skin hydration hacks. Here are my favorite ways to do it! I’ve listed these in order of craziness.

    10. moisturize in the morning

    Add the fun and soothing activity of slathering lotion, lip balm, or coconut oil on your skin as part of your morning routine.

    9. Drink more water with each Sip

    I used to take one sip, then put my glass back down. Now I go for gold! For example, I’ll take 8 small gulps at once. Each is about one ounce. Just like that there’s 8oz of fresh water in my body. Try taking on a greater challenge each time you pick up your cup. Your innards will thank you. This also works great with herbal tea and infused water!

    8. only remoisturize 1-2 more times a day

    Do you slather on lotion constantly? I find when I do this I am treating symptoms instead of the root cause. So I try not to treat dry hands and lips with lotion and lip balm more than 1-2 extra times a day. Instead I do it by drinking more water, and feeling the difference. Allow the dryness to be a signal to drink more water.7. be sure to eat enough salt

    Your body is constantly regulating the balance between water and salt. Use your cravings as a guide. If you just KEEP DRINKING WATER and STILL FEEL DEHYDRATED, you probably need a little salt, my friend. Trust your gut. Literally.

    6. Shower with homemade body wash

    If you figure out what your skin needs (maybe peppermint for dandruff or vitamin E for elasticity), you can make my own body wash with those ingredients. I do! The one I make contains Pure Castile soap from Dr. Bronner, Honey, Sesame oil, Vitamin E, and Orange essential oil. The recipe I use is here on DIY Natural.

    5. Lotion your skin post-shower

    This locks in moisture for days, trust me. It just feels so amazing mentally to pamper yourself this way too! Let it dry while you listen to something soothing. Then adorn pajamas for a comfy evening!

    4. Stop soaping all of the time

    When you shower with soap, you’re washing away your body’s natural oils, along with other things you might want to get rid of. Try not soaping your entire body every day. Try washing only your naughty bits in between showers. And dry shampoo. I’m actually in love with dry shampoo.

    3. Marinate your entire body in oil

    Emergency! I do this when I’m seriously in skin distress. If you’ve ever been outside on a super cold dry day, you know what I’m talking about. Grab a bottle of olive oil, coconut oil, an avocado, or a bunch of fresh aloe. Head to the bathroom and turn on the hot steamy shower. Put on some music and light a candle for ambiance: its time to rub that stuff all over your skin! It SERIOUSLY feels like my skin is drinking water when I do this. Ahhhh…. Chill out for awhile in the spa-like atmosphere, until you’re ready to rinse it off.

    2. Use natural products

    It is becoming greater public knowledge that many companies put additives into their products that cause a negative cycle of dependence. That is, their products contain ingredients that actually damage your body. For example, some products are intentionally designed to make your skin immediately moist, but then much DRIER after several hours. This prompts you to use the product more, and thus to need to buy another bottle. This makes me so angry I have to stop talking about it now. If I don’t know what the ingredients are in something, I honestly don’t trust it. Try organic companies who don’t advertise. I like: Nature’s Gate, local goat milk lotion (life changing!), and good ol’ coconut oil. You can also look up your products on Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Database. It is fun and revealing!

    1. Mist your skin like a movie star

    I spray water, coconut oil, and essential oils on my face from a tiny little spray bottle. You know what, it makes me look like a movie star. And it feels so heavenly. Like seriously, try it.

    BONUS: Also pee

    Finally, a reminder. Don’t wait until your kidneys hurt to pee! Listen to that innate bladder signal. Peeing is good. Urination is normal. It is a badge of honor to have clear, un-smelly pee. And bonus! Peeing when needed alleviates unnecessary pain. This in turn increases mental well being.

    Go forth and pamper!

    Thank you for reading! I hope these inspire you to nourish your mind and crackly skin. Healthy skin for the win!

    Much love,

    Dr. Erienne Weine

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  • Learn the Law of Attraction

    Have you ever heard of the Law of Attraction?

    2017 was the first time for me!

    Judging by the name, I thought, “it sure sounds mystical!”

    Apparently, I’m not the only one who thought that…

    The first time I heard of the Law of Attraction

    The first time I heard of the Law of Attraction, it was from someone I just met. I told them I was a Cognitive Psychology Professor, and we started talking about mental stuff. Then suddenly my new friend interjected, “I don’t believe in the Law of Attraction, tho!” Almost as if they wanted to assure me they didn’t believe in something wrong. Something not scientifically supported. Something mumbo-jumbo.

    So I looked into it.

    And you know what I think?

    I think the Law of Attraction is awesome! I think it does a very good job of explaining some key aspects of being human.

    But here’s the thing. This is TOTALLY not studied in academic psychology. It is not a scientific law. And I can certainly see why people might want to detangle themselves from it if they want to be taken seriously as a scientific-believing individual.

    On the other hand, the Law of Attraction is a pretty popular topic. Tons of peeps find it a good way to understand their reality, and even more people are curious about it. I think we’re going to hear about it a lot more.

    Well as your friendly fresh philosopher, I’d like to offer my insight!

    Here I provide my own theory. A non-mystical psychological explanation of this popular idea. Turns out the Law of Attraction is a great way to understand yourself, whether you believe in the spiritual or not. Let’s dive in.

    The Law of Attraction: What is it?

    The Law of Attraction is the idea that your vibe, or the energy you put out, will be heard by the Universe. And the Universe will respond by sending that vibe right back to you!

    What you “feel” creates vibes. Those vibes go out into the world. They bounce around. And they come back to you. They come back in the form of situations that generate more of your original vibe. Thus your feelings are validated.

    That is…

    You “attract” your own vibe.

    The Law of Attraction is about feelings.

    Do you feel beautiful? Then you’ll attract situations and people that make you feel more beautiful.

    Do you feel like a loser? Then you’ll attract situations and people that remind you-you’re a loser.

    My Story of Attraction (or A Time I Freaked Out)

    I see a water filter on someone’s social media.

    They just purchased one for themselves.

    Well, I had been thinking about getting one. So I commented, asking a question about the product. I asked, “Was it expensive?” The response I got was NOT VERY NICE.

    They told me, being unhealthy was more expensive than the cost of the product.

    OMG rude! I was so offended. All I did was just ask about buying something which I WANTED to buy, and I get someone telling me I’m unhealthy if I don’t live his exact lifestyle.

    So as you can imagine, I spent about half a day stewing about this. I felt very offended and judged and mad. And I thought about posting, but did not actually post, something like this:

    Yeah, I guess I’m super unhealthy and I’m going to die unless I live exactly like you. Except oh wait didn’t you just literally buy this? So you’ve been unhealthy all your life. Best of luck to you with all that you do, ridiculous hypocrite!*

    Definitely some negative vibes (*btw I did not actually post that).

    Well my friends, this was a perfect example of the law of attraction, as I soon came to realize.

    A Perfect Example of the Law of Attraction

    When this guy called me unhealthy, he created a template of judgment, dislike, and hate. And I filled it (or I really wanted to). If I had responded to him, I would have sent to him exactly the negative vibe he sent to me. It is only human.

    Because of the negativity he put out, all I wanted to do was respond with more negativity.

    That is the Law of Attraction: Psychologically.

    What you provide as possible ways of interacting with you, because of your mood, tenor, or general vibe, forms the only slots others can reasonably fill when they interact with you.

    As others come to you, with their own energy, they automatically warp it to fit the shape of your energy on that day. I prefer to think of this as the psychological template that you’re using to interpret the world. And also the pathways by which the world is able to interact with you.

    So far, this sounds like a story of how someone was a jerk to me. Well, I came to realize, I had a part to play in this attraction business too.

    Actually, I Attracted the Negativity to Me

    I’ve been meaning to get a water filter. But also I hate to admit that my water is “poisonous.” Hasn’t it been fine all these years? Might I actually benefit from adding a layer of protection to something I trusted? Well, that would mean admitting I was wrong! I’d really rather not.

    It is actually a Freudian defense mechanism to reshape our own insecurities as being someone else’s insecurities.

    When I asked about the water filter, I could have used any phrase. Instead of saying, “Was it expensive?” I could have said, “How much was it?” Or, “Wherever did you get it?” But I didn’t. I chose these words instead.

    Why? Maybe because if this item were a bit pricey, that would actually be great for my self-esteem. I would be wonderful to have a reason not to get a filter (other than my own stubbornness).

    Well, you know what, this dude totally called me out on it. He said, “Being unhealthy is more expensive.” Which is true. He made me face my inner BS.

    Large green pinterest image for law of attraction psychology explanation

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    A Psychological Explanation of The Law of Attraction

    Why did I attract this to myself? And how did I do it?

    I made my inner struggle an outer struggle. This is something I can see in my words and my decision to write a comment.

    In doing so, I attracted, or created, a psychological niche for our conversation. And it just so happened that our conversation filled that niche with the exact same vibe I put out.

    This guy wasn’t negative. He was only a mirror of my own negativity.

    Or, more realistically, I interpreted his words as negative. But I didn’t have to.

    I put out inner blockages and calling things expensive. He put out inner blockages and calling things expensive. What I emitted came back.

    On a deeper level, our mental concepts and the ideas we use to communicate tell us something subtler about ourselves. They tell us about our inner world.

    We can use many different words, phrases, gestures, body language, emotions, and vibes to communicate. And the ones we choose are often the easiest ones to grab. The ones that are active in our psychological subconscious. Shiny. Easy to use. At the top of the mind.

    Sometimes our consciousness picks up on things in our subconscious which we’d prefer not to hear. Things leak out.

    And when they do, they get out into the world.

    Actually, I’m pretty grateful that I had this exchange with someone I don’t even know. It showed me something about myself. It was hard to look at it, but there it was.

    Personally, I want to know. I want to know about myself. Because I always want to improve myself. Keep exploring who I am.

    And from now on, I’m just going to pay attention to the words and feelings that come out of me.

    I’m going to pay attention to what I attract.

    Much love,

    Dr. Erienne Weine

    PS – New to the Law of Attraction? Here’s the famous book that put it on the map!



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  • Unlock Your Creativity

    Tired of running in the mental hampster wheel of criticizing everything in sight? Here are five ways to take your critical energy and transmogrify it into being naturally creative:


    What is your critical mind really saying? Let yourself spend a little time listening to that inner voice we all have. Maybe you don’t especially like what your subconscious is screaming about these days. I know that when this happens to me, I shut it down. I try really hard to stop listening to myself.

    And other times I’m so tired, frustrated, misunderstood, or just hungry, that I don’t have the energy to listen to myself.

    But you know what I’ve learned? The nagging feelings only go away when I listen to them.

    The nagging feelings only go away when I listen to them.

    So the first thing to do if you want to turn that inner anger into something that feels good, is to hear what it has to say.

    In my experience, my angry inner voice actually has creative ideas for me! It is only angry because that’s how loud it has to shout to get my attention. So zoning in on the voice is the best thing to do. And the negative part doesn’t last that long. Letting your ideas flow actually feels good. Once you listen in, the natural thing that will happen next is you will…



    How would I wear that outfit? What would I do if I were in charge? What if this system wasn’t broken?

    This is the part where you gently force yourself to create constructive ideas.

    Constructive ideas already exist deep in your mind. They’re trying to pop up! So uncork that fizzy bottle which is your subconscious and let the creative ideas come to mind. Give yourself permission to think about what you want to think about.

    Here are some easy ways to listen in. When the ideas start to come up, just let them through. You’ll be surprised by how quickly they might begin to flow:

    Give it a try!



    Speak and be heard! Another way to stop being critical is to talk about your creative ideas with everyone you meet.

    • Post a little blurb on your social media.
    • Call your mom and talk about it.
    • Actually say it out loud to the chatty cashier you see every week.

    OMG speak to other humans? Yeah. People do it all the time. Think about all the people who just say random shit to you! You can do that too.

    For example,

    “So the other day I saw someone wearing cowboy boots with a super classy look and it drove me nuts! I guess that means there are tons of styles out there I don’t like. But you know what I really DO like about women’s fashion these days? That there are no rules. Well, you know what I’m going to do? I’m going to take that same mindset and let myself get dressed without caring about the rules! I’ll create my own rules. For me, I like to keep it crisp! Maybe I’ll wear a classy look with military-inspired accessories…. That would be cool! Hm, what do you think, friend?”

    Wow. Look. A totally constructive conversation based on something everyone can relate to.


    No I don’t mean fashion.

    I mean criticizing! You could have the exact same conversation about lunch choices. Or your co-workers’ desk. Or that field of weeds you see every single flippin’ day!

    Here’s the formula:

    • Start with what you don’t like.
    • Say what could be better.
    • State what you’re going to do about it.
    • Ask your listener for their opinion.

    You get brownie points for listening to the other person and engaging in a genuine conversation.



    Next is to let yourself just immediately do something creative. Even if it is only a small step, it will feel great and help alleviate some of the tension.

    • Use the note-taking app on your phone and write some ideas.
    • Or pull out that little notebook and pen that you take everywhere and scribble down a thought.
    • Wear something you save for special occasions.
    • Compliment someone.
    • Doodle.
    • Draw something on a foggy window, in the dirt, on the back of your hand, on your phone, etc.
    • Treat yourself to a new food.

    The point is to do anything out-of-the-ordinary that is a bit impulsive but in line with who you are and how you’re feeling right this moment. It really doesn’t matter if you follow through with that project. It matters that you let yourself be alive.


    This part gets me excited the most. Carve out just 15 mins in your schedule tomorrow to do something constructive or creative for yourself.

    • Maybe right before you work out.
    • Or after you commute.
    • Or as soon as you wake up.

    Call it creative time. Maybe you have mind-blowing ideas when you go for a run. Or when you drink hot tea. Pop that into your schedule.

    Let those creative ideas out so you stop freaking out. Remember this is your inner voice putting YOU on blast. So tune in and ask that inner voice, what do you want me to do?

    Dr. Erienne Weine


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