• Choose the Perfect Gift

    Do you need to choose the perfect gift? Are you clueless about how to do that? I feel the struggle too. And that’s why I invented my own step-by-step theory of gifting. Because, honestly, we need one.

    So here it is! My Theory of Gifting – to the rescue! Use this guide to select an appropriate (and wanted!) gift. Every. Single. Time.

    The Theory of Gifting | Choose the perfect gift every time

    In summary:

    1. Decide how long the gift should last. Small gifts are ones that expire quickly. Medium gifts should last about a year. Large gifts are meant to last forever.
    2. Pinpoint whether a small, medium, or large gift is appropriate, from you. Do this by considering your connection to the person and the magnitude of the event.
    3. Spend the right amount of money for the category you picked. You should spend very little on small gifts, a modest amount on middle-sized gifts, and a good sum on big gifts.
    4. Make sure the quality matches the size. Don’t spend a bunch of money on a low-quality gift. Don’t buy a very cheap version of a forever gift.
    5. Give without expectation of how your recipient will react or feel. Include a gift receipt. Give with positivity and love. Remember, gifts are just one way to show your love. It truly is the thought that counts!

    What do you think about the Theory of Gifting?

    What do you think about my theory of gifting? Will you try these tips? Do you already do these?

    What would you add to the theory?

    –> Please let me know by hopping over to the comment section on this YouTube video! Your thoughts will truly be a gift. 😉

    Here’s to your success #adulting



    Dr. Erienne Weine

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