• Raise Your Consciousness

    Raising your consciousness raises the quality of your life experience. It levels you up – right now! Why should you raise your consciousness? To feel more alive. To be more alive! First we’ll see what consciousness is. Then, we’ll talk about 3 ways to raise it! Let’s go!

    Fresh Philosopher | 3 Ways to Raise Your Consciousness: Mindfulness, Meditation, The NOW
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    Consciousness goes by many names! Here are a few:

    • Awareness
    • Your own personal perspective of reality
    • Awakeness
    • Attention
    • Knowingness
    • Focus
    • Energy state
    • Quality of experience
    • Being in the moment
    • Your real true self
    • The underlying nature of reality

    Consciousness is like the piece of paper that our reality is printed on. Usually, we only care about the words. But without the paper – we wouldn’t – and couldn’t – have any words at all. This is what consciousness is like. It is the underlying nature of our reality.



    Why should you raise your consciousness? To feel more alive. To be more alive! Your regular sensory abilities will be extended! Your overall life experience will be deeper and larger. You will be able to:

    • Take in more information
    • Experience more of your environment
    • Experience a higher quality of senses
    • Smell more deeply
    • Taste more deeply
    • See more clearly
    • Hear more
    • Feel more of your body
    • Be calmer
    • Feel a wider range of emotions


    Here are 3 tried-and-true methods for up-leveling your conscious state!


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    A great technique for raising your consciousness is Mindfulness!

    In this exercise, you go about your regular business very attentive to each specific thing you are doing.

    A popular method is to light a candle. Pay attention to the flame. Stay focused on the flame. When your mind wanders (and it will!) gently guide it back to the flame. Do this for 5 minutes. This will seriously up-level your consciousness!

    It doesn’t have to be a flame. Any similar thing – of your choice – will do the trick!

    With mindfulness, you are training your consciousness to do what you say. And that is to stay focused on something.

    Being able to choose where your consciousness goes up-levels you. Why? Because the world is constantly bombarding you with things to distract your attention! This pulls your conscious into many small pieces.

    But focusing your energy on one task intentionally allows you to gather a greater amount of consciousness in one place.

    The result? More life! 🙂

    2. BE IN THE NOW

    Being in the Now will majorly up-level your consciousness.

    Here’s how it works:

    We are constantly living in the future or the past, mentally.

    The Now is what we actually have. And the Now is what we are burning up when we are focusing on these other places.

    Right Now is always here. And it is a very powerful place.

    Let’s try it now. Fully enter your life. BE IN THE NOW. Right now. Go!

    ~ You are in the now ~

    Well done. If you are ever missing a part of yourself, look for it in the Now.


    Mediation is the third tactic for expanding your consciousness. And it is amazing.

    I like to say – Meditation allows you to calm the water bowl of your mind. Here’s the analogy:

    Usually, the waves of our mind are fast and high. In this case, not much can stay in the water bowl. But if we slow down, the waves are lower, and we can fit more into the water bowl (without water splashing out).

    Meditation helps you to calm things down. When things are calmer you can have more water in the bowl. And by water, I mean… consciousness! 🙂

    To get started, I made you a 1-minute meditation.



    I hope these ideas inspire you! But the real inspiration comes from within.

    So I encourage you to go figure out what consciousness-manipulation methods work FOR YOU. That’s right. I’m giving you permission to purposefully move your consciousness!

    I promise some things will come easily + naturally to you. Here are some suggestions:

    • Move your consciousness down over your body
    • Go into nature and expand it out from your body
    • Become conscious of your internal world
    • Go to a beautiful place and become hyper-conscious of it
    • Attend to your emotional world
    • Become conscious of the everyday physical world around you
    • Try a guided meditation

    I am so excited for you!

    Fresh Philosopher | 3 Ways to Raise Your Consciousness: Mindfulness, Meditation, The NOW


    I am super curious – what do you think? Would you try these techniques? Do you already do these things to raise your consciousness?

    Hop over to this video on YouTube, leave a comment, and let me know! I can’t wait to hear from you 🙂

    Dr. Erienne Weine

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  • Keep a Gratitude Journal

    Have you heard of a gratitude journal?

    Gratitude journals are a physical space dedicated to being grateful.

    It is a notebook, or other pad of paper, where you take time on a regular basis to reflect on what you’re grateful for. 

    But more than that – gratitude journals help us cultivate the internal state of gratitude.

    Gratitude is a mindset. By cultivating it, you increase your mental capacity for positivity – without changing anything in your external world. It is pretty powerful 🙂

    In this post, I show you the basics of gratitude journaling so you can begin one for yourself!

    The Gratitude Journal Method

    Allow gratitude journaling to encourage you to grow a positive mindset by listing a few things that you’re grateful for every day (usually 3). That’s it!

    Here’s how to do it:

    1. Choose a journal, notebook, or other pad of paper. Dedicate this space to gratitude journaling only.
    2. Choose an interval of time: every day or once a week
    3. Set a reminder to write in your journal
    4. When it is time, open your journal!
    5. Write out 3 things you are grateful for…
    6. If you feel like it, write more!
    7. Spend a moment feeling grateful for each thing… at least 20 seconds each
    8. Close your journal and put it in a special place, so you can easily find it next time
    9. Enjoy your feeling of gratitude all day 🙂


    Gratitude Inspiration

    Maybe you’ve got the journal out, pen in hand, but no inspiration comes? 

    Something normal – is to feel writer’s block. You’re not sure what to say. Then you think negatively of yourself for not knowing how to be grateful on command.

    Here are a few questions to get you started:

    • What am I grateful for today that’s new?
    • What has positively changed my life recently?
    • What makes me feel glad to be alive right now?
    • What are my greatest positive influences?
    • What has changed my life for the better?
    • What is good about my life?

    A Grateful Mindset

    Gratitude is a feeling. 
    Feelings are connected to thoughts.
    Thoughts lead to behaviors.
    Behaviors create more feelings.

    By stimulating positive feelings regularly, we begin a cycle of living more positively overall.

    What the gratitude journal does specifically, is encourage the link between positive feelings and positive thoughts. 

    Write what you feel grateful for. Naturally. Effortlessly.

    Then allow yourself to think about it. 

    This puts us into a mindset inspired by the grateful feeling. 

    That mindset – in turn – will lead us to create a life of actions, people, situations, and things that inspire more gratitude and positivity!

    This is the power of the gratitude journal. 

    A blank piece of notebook paper on a wooden desk with surrounding plants and crystals. A hand is outstretched above the paper, ready to write with a small purple pen.

    The Should Trap

    One trap we can fall into is writing down things we aren’t actually grateful for. 

    Why would we do that? 

    Because we think we should feel grateful for it.

    And by writing it down… maybe… we can force ourselves to like it. Maybe we can feel… how we think we should feel.

    Alert! This is something you want to avoid.

    Why? Because it won’t work. 

    Why forced gratitude won’t work:

    Why won’t forced gratitude journaling work? Because it is counter-productive.

    In order to cultivate more positivity throughout your day, you have to stimulate the feeling. 

    When we write something we aren’t actually grateful for – we stimulate a different feeling. 

    That is, instead of inspiring gratitude, it will inspire more of something else. Perhaps resentment, confusion, dislike, or general negativity. 


    And in the Law of Attraction, this will simply create more of what you’re ungrateful for in your life. 

    What to do instead of forcing it:

    If you find yourself writing things you aren’t actually grateful for, just use the gratitude journal to explore this further. 

    Ask yourself:

    • Why do I think I should feel grateful for this?
    • Why don’t I feel grateful for this?
    • Why might it be okay for me not to feel grateful?
    • How can I change my life to encompass more things that I’m actually grateful for?

    With any luck, you can have a personal breakthrough 🙂 Now that’s what I want to use a journal for 😉

    Happy Journaling!

    For me, personally, gratitude journaling has stimulated positive benefits in my life: emotionally, mentally, behaviorally, and physically. 

    It even inspired me to journal more, and now I’m hooked. 😉

    What is your gratitude journaling status?

    → Hop over to my FacebookInstagram, or YouTube Channel and drop a comment sharing your own experience! 

    Want to raise your positive vibes super fast? Then you might like my Consciousness Challenge!

    I wish you all the best on your gratitude journal journey!


    Dr. Erienne Weine

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    What is this about?”

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    What do I mean by “Eliminate Negative Thoughts?”

    When I say Eliminate Negative Thoughts, I mean remove self-sabotaging, draining ideas from the brain. In this mini-course, you’ll learn tips on how to cut out negative thinking, and the beliefs that underlie those thoughts.

    What is a Mini-Course?

    By mini-course, I mean I provide bite-sized amounts of information and “food for thought” to help you “master” your inner world. You’ll learn some basic skills in taking control of your thoughts!


    This mini-class consists of seven emails. One will be sent to your inbox for seven days. Each email contains:

    1. A super short lesson for cultivating positive thoughts or removing negative ones.

    For example:

    How to Plant Ideas that Love You

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    For example:

    What do I love thinking about?

    What is my ideal mental world?

    Give it a try!

    Give your mind a detox! It will thank you. 🙂


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