• Heal Yourself

    Can’t go out?

    You can always go *within.*

    “And do what…?” you ask.

    Allow me to suggest! A healing meditation 🙂

    Specifically, this 5-Part Healing Meditation.

    I do this everyday. I invented it for myself. To heal myself.

    Check it out:

    Can’t go out? Go in. 5-Part Healing Meditation

    The 5-Part Healing Meditation

    Here are the steps:

    1. Take 5 Deep Breaths

    Sink into the meditative state

    2. Feel All Your Emotions Authentically

    Give your self a safe space to feel your real emotions for once

    3. Follow the Energy

    Follow your energy inside and outside your body – wherever it goes!

    4. Be in Your Body

    Do a sweep of your body: Feet to head!

    5. Be in the Now

    Spend a moment just existing.. in the now 🙂

    That’s it!

    What do you think about healing yourself?

    What do you think about healing yourself with these five steps?

    –> Hop over to the comment section on this YouTube video and share your thoughts!! I’d love wait to hear from you 🙂

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    Best of luck on your #selfhealing journey.

    I am so proud of you!

    Dr. Erienne Weine

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  • Change Your Life with Meditation

    Do you think meditation is boring? It’s a sign: You’re ready to level up! Here are 6 meditation skills to level up your mind + reality! You’re not a beginner anymore (trust me). Here’s 6 ways to take your meditating to the next level.

    Video: 6 Meditation Skills that will Change Your Life

    Here are the six skills to learn to move from a beginner meditator to an intermediate one! Read the post below or watch the video above.

    1. Get out of the Stress State

    The stress state is a particularly damaging state to remain in. Learn to unravel the stress state while meditating. The idea is to pinpoint stressed feelings first, then calm them and release them. It only takes about 5-10 mins once you get the hang of it. And you’ll feel amazing after. The goal: de-stress whenever you want.

    2. Re-experience Memories in a Safe Space

    Create a safe space in your mind for unwanted re-occurring memories to surface. Let them play until they run out. Know that you’re safe the whole time you re-experience this. Acknowledge the feelings you have. Allow them. Learn from them. Then release them. As opposed to letting your mind run wild and control you, this skills allows you to gain control of your mind.

    3. Do a Future Visualization

    Visualize a positive outcome for your future. Feel the good feelings that come with experiencing the positive outcome. Start with small, regular, simple things that you know you can do. Like washing your hands to drawing a doodle. Then work up to larger dreams like passing a test or giving a wonderful speech. Then wake up and bring that future to life.


    4. Have a Conversation with Yourself

    In this skills, you let the inner part of yourself speak. This inner pat can be called many things: our inner self, true self, higher self, inner child, superego, super conscious, etc. You likely even have multiple inner selves, which is very normal. So get into meditation and just start asking yourself questions. Listen for your own “inner” answers in a non-judgmental way. Have a conversation. Become more in touch with yourself. Because you’re amazing.

    5. Do a Healing Meditation

    When do we ever heal non-physical aspects of ourselves that have become worn and damaged? Basically never. In meditation you can heal your hurt non-physical self, for example, your Emotional Self and Spiritual Self. While meditating, bathe yourself in healing waters. Feel the waters healing you washing away anything negative you want to release. Or try a healing light meditation, or a color meditation! Bathe your being in your favorite color – why not? You’ll feel amazing after, trust me.

    The sixth way to level up your mediation skills: find your chakras. Image shows locations of chakras going up the spine!
    Finding Your Chakras

    6. Find Your Chakras

    Babe, it is time to find all 7 of your energy centers. You want to locate them, open them, and close them to healthy balanced level. Think about it like an adjustable light. You’ll learn about a whole new inner world (of you!) and gain the basic skills needed for working with these powerful chakras.

    So there you are! The six meditation skills I recommend you learn to move from a beginning meditator to an intermediate mediator.

    I highly encourage you to level up your mind and reality by manipulating the crazy amazing mind – brain – conscious system that we have!

    Video: 6 Meditation Skills that will Change Your Life

    What do you think about leveling-up your meditation skills?

    What do you think about leveling up your meditation skills with these six abilities?

    Have you tried any of these? Are you curious about any of these? What would you add? I would love to know!

    –> Hop over to the comment section on this YouTube video and share your thoughts!! I can’t wait to hear from you 🙂

    And for even more room in your consciousness, try the Consciousness Challenge, which I made just for you! Details below. ↓

    Here’s to your success upgrading your #meditationskills

    I am so proud of you!

    Dr. Erienne Weine

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  • Multi-Task Better

    Ever notice multi-tasking makes you feel drained, confused, and exhausted? Often, we multi-task in a way that mismatches our mind’s natural functioning. In this post, I explain 2 ways to multi-task better. Learn how to accomplish your goals with a clear mind!

    Video: Stop Multi-tasking Wrong

    Working Memory

    We do mental work in a space called working memory.

    Working memory uses units called “chunks.”


    A chunk is a piece of information that you deem to be one unit.

    Our working memory has the capacity to hold about 7 chunks (or a few more or less). Actually, the size of our working memory is called:

    The Magical Number Seven, Plus or Minus Two

    So we have 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9 chunks to use at any given time. And that’s it.

    Memorizing Something

    Let’s say you’re trying to memorize an email address that someone just told you. You have your working memory available to hold that information. How will you organize the chunks?

    If the email address is freshphilosopher@gmail.com, you have some options:

    Each letter is a chunk:

    1. F
    2. R
    3. E
    4. S
    5. H
    6. P
    7. H

    Oh! That’s seven. No more room to memorize. Not the best method. What else can you do?

    Use larger units, such as words and symbols:

    • fresh
    • philosopher
    • @
    • gmail
    • .com

    There! The whole email address is memorized with only 5 chunks. That works great!

    You have infinite options. For example:

    • fresh
    • philosopher
    • @gmail.com

    How you chunk information up to you!

    Multi-Tasking with Chunks

    Multi-tasking takes place in working memory. (At least, the mental part does!) That means multi-tasking uses chunks.

    When you do one task, for example task A, you bring up all of the task A chunks into working memory.

    BUT if you’re multi-tasking, you’ll need to drop the chunks for task A and bring up the chunks for task B.

    The problem is, when we’re multi-tasking, we constantly drop chunks and bring up new chunks. Over and over again. We never fully finish using chunks before we drop them.

    This method means we spend a lot of time and mental effort simply moving chunks around, rather than completing work.

    Thus, multi-tasking can be a lot of mental effort with few results.


    Start Multi-Tasking Right: 2 Methods

    So what to do? Start multi-tasking in a way that matches how your mind naturally works!

    Here are two methods I use and recommend:


    Fully tasking is the opposite of multi-tasking. It means bringing up all of the chunks you need, using them at that time, completing your task, then dropping the chunks forever. For example:

    • Read email
    • Decide answer
    • Type answer
    • Hit send

    This has also been popularized as the “Touch It Once” method.

    Read about the Touch It Once method here.


    Multi-stacking means to weave many small tasks together by fully completing a small task from column A before fully completing a small task from column B. Then switching back to A. Like this:

    • Read and answer text 1
    • Water plant 1
    • Read and answer text 2
    • Water plant 2
    • Read and answer text 3
    • Water plant 3
    • Etc.

    Stop Multi-Tasking Wrong

    So there you have it! What multi-tasking is, how it works in the mind, how we often do it wrong, and two ways to do it better!

    For more, check out the YouTube video I made on the topic:

    Video: Stop Multi-tasking Wrong

    What do you think about Multi-Tasking?

    What do you think about my explanation of multi-tasking?

    Would you ever try multi-stacking? I need to know!

    –> Hop over to the comment section on this YouTube video, say hi, and let me know!! I can’t wait to hear from you 🙂

    To get even more room in your consciousness, try the Consciousness Challenge, which I made for you! ↓

    Thanks for reading.

    Here’s to your success #multi-stacking

    Dr. Erienne Weine

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  • Raise Your Consciousness

    Raising your consciousness raises the quality of your life experience. It levels you up – right now! Why should you raise your consciousness? To feel more alive. To be more alive! First we’ll see what consciousness is. Then, we’ll talk about 3 ways to raise it! Let’s go!

    Fresh Philosopher | 3 Ways to Raise Your Consciousness: Mindfulness, Meditation, The NOW
    Woman doing yoga alone at sunrise with mountain and ocean view. Harmony with nature. Self-analysis and soul-searching


    Consciousness goes by many names! Here are a few:

    • Awareness
    • Your own personal perspective of reality
    • Awakeness
    • Attention
    • Knowingness
    • Focus
    • Energy state
    • Quality of experience
    • Being in the moment
    • Your real true self
    • The underlying nature of reality

    Consciousness is like the piece of paper that our reality is printed on. Usually, we only care about the words. But without the paper – we wouldn’t – and couldn’t – have any words at all. This is what consciousness is like. It is the underlying nature of our reality.



    Why should you raise your consciousness? To feel more alive. To be more alive! Your regular sensory abilities will be extended! Your overall life experience will be deeper and larger. You will be able to:

    • Take in more information
    • Experience more of your environment
    • Experience a higher quality of senses
    • Smell more deeply
    • Taste more deeply
    • See more clearly
    • Hear more
    • Feel more of your body
    • Be calmer
    • Feel a wider range of emotions


    Here are 3 tried-and-true methods for up-leveling your conscious state!


    (click to Pin ↑)


    A great technique for raising your consciousness is Mindfulness!

    In this exercise, you go about your regular business very attentive to each specific thing you are doing.

    A popular method is to light a candle. Pay attention to the flame. Stay focused on the flame. When your mind wanders (and it will!) gently guide it back to the flame. Do this for 5 minutes. This will seriously up-level your consciousness!

    It doesn’t have to be a flame. Any similar thing – of your choice – will do the trick!

    With mindfulness, you are training your consciousness to do what you say. And that is to stay focused on something.

    Being able to choose where your consciousness goes up-levels you. Why? Because the world is constantly bombarding you with things to distract your attention! This pulls your conscious into many small pieces.

    But focusing your energy on one task intentionally allows you to gather a greater amount of consciousness in one place.

    The result? More life! 🙂

    2. BE IN THE NOW

    Being in the Now will majorly up-level your consciousness.

    Here’s how it works:

    We are constantly living in the future or the past, mentally.

    The Now is what we actually have. And the Now is what we are burning up when we are focusing on these other places.

    Right Now is always here. And it is a very powerful place.

    Let’s try it now. Fully enter your life. BE IN THE NOW. Right now. Go!

    ~ You are in the now ~

    Well done. If you are ever missing a part of yourself, look for it in the Now.


    Mediation is the third tactic for expanding your consciousness. And it is amazing.

    I like to say – Meditation allows you to calm the water bowl of your mind. Here’s the analogy:

    Usually, the waves of our mind are fast and high. In this case, not much can stay in the water bowl. But if we slow down, the waves are lower, and we can fit more into the water bowl (without water splashing out).

    Meditation helps you to calm things down. When things are calmer you can have more water in the bowl. And by water, I mean… consciousness! 🙂

    To get started, I made you a 1-minute meditation.



    I hope these ideas inspire you! But the real inspiration comes from within.

    So I encourage you to go figure out what consciousness-manipulation methods work FOR YOU. That’s right. I’m giving you permission to purposefully move your consciousness!

    I promise some things will come easily + naturally to you. Here are some suggestions:

    • Move your consciousness down over your body
    • Go into nature and expand it out from your body
    • Become conscious of your internal world
    • Go to a beautiful place and become hyper-conscious of it
    • Attend to your emotional world
    • Become conscious of the everyday physical world around you
    • Try a guided meditation

    I am so excited for you!

    Fresh Philosopher | 3 Ways to Raise Your Consciousness: Mindfulness, Meditation, The NOW


    I am super curious – what do you think? Would you try these techniques? Do you already do these things to raise your consciousness?

    Hop over to this video on YouTube, leave a comment, and let me know! I can’t wait to hear from you 🙂

    Dr. Erienne Weine

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    I’ve made a challenge for you!

    It is a 7-Day Challenge, in which you try these 3 consciousness-raising techniques for one week. It is based on a worksheet. I designed this specifically to encourage you on your consciousness journey! Go you. 🙂

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    Thank you! I am super excited to share this with you.

  • Live Outside Time

    The Time Illusion –

    Let’s talk about daylight savings time. This is the moment we collectively “choose” to treat time differently.

    But do you believe it?

    For me, daylight savings time takes a while to get used to.


    I Don’t FEEL Different

    Because I don’t FEEL different. I don’t feel like it is one hour earlier. I feel the same.

    Yet simultaneously – I KNOW that I should feel different. I know that I should accept the new time.

    See.. the thing is… I don’t BELIEVE that time changes. Instead, I believe that I change. I think that daylight savings time happens because I choose to start treating time differently. And so does everybody else.

    In these moments, I realize something. I realize that “time” is just my experience of it. I remember that time is an agreement made between humans to get things done. And I’m accepting that agreement.

    But do I have to?

    Image of woman breaking the chains of the time illusionWhat is Time?

    Just what is time? Is time real? Is time an illusion?

    Even if it is an illusion, so what? What good does it do to crack the illusion of time?

    Well, I have a secret to share with you.

    Time Isn’t Real

    Time isn’t real.

    You are.

    You choose to live inside of time. And you can choose to step out of it!

    In this video, I show you how I break time.

    I explain what time is, share the benefits of living outside of time, and reveal my time-breaking tips and tricks!


    Thanks for watching!

    So what do YOU think?

    Do you think time is an illusion? Will you try any of these techniques?

    Feel free to post a comment on this video and share your time traveling secrets with me. I’d love to hear how you live. 🙂

    ? Much love,


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  • Energize when Coffee Fails

    Here’s what it feels like when coffee fails me. I’ve been drinking coffee for hours, just to keep my eyes open. I feel like I’m trekking to the ends of the earth. My heart rate is heavy, my mind races, I’m dizzy and weak. Yet I also feel like shooting electricity from my fingertips? And not in a badass evil-emperor kind of way. More like a pathetic zombie-listlessly-searching-for-brains kind of way. (I thought this stuff was supposed to HELP.)

    THIS, my friend, is what happens when coffee fails. When the miracle beverage is no longer “doing its job” of keeping you alert, awake, and kind of manic.

    Why does this happen? Here’s the biological reason.

    This is what happens when I'm too tired to function

    Coffee Doesn’t Give You Energy

    The truth about coffee is that it triggers your body to burn its energy stores. The stimulation we feel from drinking coffee doesn’t actually come from the beans. It comes from us. From our bodies.


    Yep. Coffee isn’t PROVIDING anything. Rather it is a trigger. A signal. A catalyst. Coffee tells your body to go into its reserves and light that stuff on fire! It does this by activating your fight-or-flight reaction, otherwise known as the stress response. One study found increased cortisol levels – which is the stress hormone – appeared in people all day after having their morning caffeine. And for those who hadn’t had caffeine in awhile, the substance boosted their cortisol considerably. Bam!

    Long story short, coffee doesn’t bring any nourishment on its own.

    Ever noticed how satisfying it feels to eat something sugary with your coffee? Or sugary AND fatty? Well, there’s a reason for that. Whether you pour it into your drink or eat it on the side, sugar and cream provide quick energy. That way, the coffee has something to help you burn. Often, this will give you with a big burst of energy.

    But that burst is not going to last forever. And once the energy is gone, no amount of caffeine is going to replenish it, because that’s not caffeine’s jam.

    So THIS is why drinking coffee when you’re already tired seems to “do nothing” (and maybe even makes things worse). Because it is lighting you on fire, even when you have nothing to burn.

    So you’re NOT running out of coffee energy. You’re running out of personal energy. Then you become a zombie. Blurg.

    When Coffee Fails Square Pinterest Image
    When Coffee Fails, Actually Your Energy Fails

    In my last year of writing my dissertation, I pushed myself over the edge. To a place where not even coffee could help me.

    I felt obligated to spend every moment of my waking hours working on my PhD defense. Yet I knew it wouldn’t be enough.

    I needed to be on point. At all times. I needed to be awake and INTELLIGENT. Not just barely able to prop myself up at meetings. My most intelligent self! [Insert expletive here]

    To Sumarize:

    • No time could be wasted.
    • Coffee ran out of energy boosting power and left me weak.

    I started to panic.

    Geez, was I desperate. I was willing to try anything. And that’s when I figured something out. How to keep my brain in “I woke up like this” mode all day long. How to not need coffee at all. And I’m actually going to tell you what it is right now 🙂

    The Solution: Replenish your Natural Energy (8 Ways)

    Alright, so you’re going to be shocked (I’m sure). But my actual solution for when coffee fails to uplift you is to replenish your energy like nature intended – naturally! Or rather not deplete it doing stupid things. Here are my 8 favorite ways:

    Ripe pears - a healthy alternative to a cup of coffee

    1. Eat Some Super-Healthy Food

    Eat very healthy, raw, nutrient-dense food. This gives you real, pure energy that will burn for awhile, leave you feeling refreshed. Some favorites:
    • Almonds
    • Broccoli
    • Strawberries
    • Banana
    • Avocado
    • Chia Seeds *

    *Indicates affiliate link. See my disclosure statement here.

    2. Do a Five-Minute Workout

    This gets your nervous system bumping AND even helps generate brain tissue growth. Fantastic options:
    • Walk around the block
    • Do sit-ups or an ab workout
    • Yoga poses (think: 1-2 sun salutations)
    • Run in place
    • Dance party to one song!

    Learn about the class

    3. Meditate

    Meditating for just 1-5 mins is great for anti-anxiety, it calms your mind, and truly gives your more time and mental energy. I like:
    • Anti-anxiety meditation
    • Deep breathing
    • Grounding meditation
    • Color meditation

    4. Eliminate Distractions

    Things like social media pull your energy away. Here are the top things to stop giving your energy away to:
    • Your phone
    • Other people
    • Media & news
    • Fears of the future
    • Social Media in all its forms

    5. Do Your To-Dos and NOTHING ELSE

    Okay, this one really comes in handy before coffee fails you. (So you don’t get to that point.)

    It is just so nice to hyper-focus because 100% of your available energy is on the tasks at hand (hypothetically). Once something is done and checked once just MOVE ON. Don’t keep re-reading what you did. Just focus on checking things off and that’s it. Believe me, its more powerful than it seems. You’ll get done faster. And won’t need another doubleshot. 

    A nice tall glass of clean water6. Drink TONS of Water

    If coffee fails you, perhaps you don’t need more. Although “basic,” some nice clear cool water may be just the thing for your tired brain! Heres’s some fun ways to get more of the life-giving stuff into your system (so that it can function properly):
    • Infuse your water with lemon, lime, cucumber, or mint
    • Try a sparkling water
    • Chug 8 ounces of water (see my post Mental Health Trick: Keep Dry Skin Happy for my quick-hydrating technique!)
    • Fill a big water bottle and drink it over 1 hour

    7. Stand Up to Work

    I know you’ve heard of the standing desk craze. Well yes, it is more healthy for you. But you know what else? It is also more energizing than sitting in your chair like a lump. Get up on your feet, blast some upbeat tunes, and watch yourself kill that to do list baby!

    8. Have a Quit Time – and Obey It

    To keep you motivated and avoid procrastinating (which also just drains your energy), have an absolute quit time (and not at midnight either). I’m talking a good old end-of-day stop time. With this in place, you won’t be quite so tempted to spend your energy on non-critical tasks and chit-chat. And without those things, you’ll have more energy to spend on what you consciously deem important.

    My Philosophy: Only Coffee-Up When You Have Energy to Spare

    Am I 100% against drinking coffee? Absolutely not.

    Am I 100% against drinking coffee when you’re hungry and dead-tired? Yes. 🙂

    If you need to get things done, taking care of yourself is a WAY better option than drinking coffee. Counter-intuitively, some self-care actually works to boost your energy. Believe me, I finished my PhD using these tricks. Ultimately, I couldn’t do it without my health. ♥

    Much Love,


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    When Coffee Fails Large Pinterest Image

    When Coffee Fails Square Pinterest Image

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  • Have an Amazing Morning (Routine)

    What if you could do EVERYTHING you wanted to… every single morning? What if you had an amazing morning routine? That’s the question I asked myself one Sunday.

    I had just finished writing in my journal. I love writing. And I casually thought, “Oh, I’ll do this again tomorrow for sure.” Then it hit me. I wasn’t going to be able to write in my journal tomorrow. Or the next day. I had work. Suddenly, I was suddenly very sad.

    Then I thought, “Why not? Why CAN’T I write in my journal tomorrow? Or do anything else I want?”

    The answer came quickly: Because my mornings “belonged” to work. Duh. My mornings were not my own. They belonged to my job. Along with my energy. My time. My thoughts. And my dreams.

    Screw that!

    As soon as I realized I had this mindset, I decided to change it. So I did. For the next week, I woke up earlier and gave myself writing time. It was lovely! But not only that, it was game-changing. Getting organized before the day begins, packing bag, laptop, and drinking tea

    The Morning Routine Snowball Effect

    Now that I was setting aside time for myself, I started doing a bit more each day to make my mornings enjoyable. I started making myself a nice cup of tea. Then I added breakfast. After a while, I slapped a 10-min meditation session in there.

    Before I knew it, I had created a morning routine!

    I’m delighted to present you my “Extra AF Morning Routine.” Because it really is extra.

    Then, I happily show you my method so you can make one of your own.

    Click to Pin on Pinterest:Benefits-of-an-Extra-AF-Morning_Routine-Pinterest-Image-Large


    My Morning Routine Checklist

    I have a checklist with each of these items on my phone. I use an app called AwesomeNOTE. I’d say I do about 80% of these every day, roughly in this order. Okay, let’s wake up! 🙂

    1.Remove self from bed

    Yes, I literally have this on my checklist. It can be the hardest part! Plus, it gets me to look at the rest of my list.

    2. Put on pants (2 mins)

    Or a robe or whatever. Some mornings it is so cold, I want to stay in bed FOREVER to keep warm. So I’ll put on sweatpants, a robe, and/or a huge comfy sweater immediately to keep that cozy feeling!

    3. Bathroom

    Nature calls. Or at least it probably should sometimes. (It would be weird to put a time here… so I’m just gonna… leave this blank…)

    4. Brush teeth, scrape tongue, & splash water on face (5 mins)

    Yum, pepperminty freshness! I’m beginning to feel human.

    5. Make lemon tea or lime tea (5 mins)

    Boil some water. Cut a lemon (or lime!) in half. Squeeze juice into a mug, and pour hot water on top. Check button on the list! Apparently, this is super healthy for your innards.

    6. Open curtains (while water boils)

    Heaven let your light shine down!

    A woman meditates on the lake dock at dawn 7. Meditate (10 mins)

    I meditate 10 mins in the morning. Sometimes I use an app. Sometimes just a timer. It feels seriously amazing and is linked to a ridiculous amount of benefits. It reminds me that I’m alive and my energy is MINE.

    → Mystified about how to begin a meditation routine? Try the Consciousness Challenge!

    8. Light stretch (2 mins)

    After sitting still for 10 mins, you’ll want to stretch. Move whatever feels good! Yawn.

    9. Breathe fresh air (1 min)

    I open up the front door and take a few deep breaths! Sometimes I scare a bird or two… heh.

    Flatlay of my breakfast routine including Notebook, pens, Coffee, Oatmeal, and an apple

    10. Journal & sip tea (30 mins)

    Now it is time for my favorite activity of the day! I sit down with my journal and pens. I write as long as I want to. Usually, my tea is the perfect temperature right now, so I sip it. Sometimes I write only a few sentences, sometimes I write a few pages, and other times I stare out the window. If I don’t use the full time, that’s fine. But I still block it off and respect my precious journal time!

    11. Quick little workout (30 mins)

    I’ll spend no more than 30 mins donning workout clothes, stretching, then doing a quick workout. I’ll go for a 1 mile run or do a couple Blogilates workout videos. Or do yoga from an app (or simply from memory). This is such a nice thing to do for yourself! Your sense of accomplishment will be sky high! Also, it is a hack of “highly successful people.”

    12. Recover and de-sweat (10 mins)

    Stretch and prevent yourself from smelling weird all day 🙂

    13. Put on actual clothes (10 mins)

    I allow myself to enjoy the process of getting dressed, but sometimes I enjoy it too much. So I squash this part after my workout and before food! This prevents me from trying on 1 million outfits, then going with the first one anyway.

    A healthy breakfast of greek yogurt with fruit, some kind of pressed juice, and hipster aesthetics
    14. Make breakfast (5 mins)

    Usually, I have pre-made breakfast ready to go. Like homemade granola, granola bars, banana bread, or some overnight oatmeal. Sometimes I’ll make a smoothie. Why do I make breakfast easy? Because I get so hungry I can’t think. Also, I’m expecting this breakfast to give me at least 6 hours of hearty energy, so I go for nutrients.

    15. Eat breakfast (10 mins)

    I challenge you to do nothing but EAT during breakfast. Try it. Don’t look at anything on your phone, don’t read, and don’t listen to a podcast. Instead look at your food. Taste it. Smell it. Enjoy it. Be grateful for it. Go slow. It feels lovely. Don’t you love food? Surprisingly this doesn’t take very long at all but feels like forever (in a delicious food way).

    17. Pick up around the house, water plants, make the bed (10 mins)

    I take a little time to put away my breakfast, clear daily clutter, water a few plants, then make the bed. It feels good to spruce up my space. I’ll pick up only: trash, recycling, shoes, clothes. Very adulting. Don’t get carried away tho (no scrubbing okay?).

    18. Hair and face (10 mins)

    I give myself the chance to enjoy fixing my hair and attending to my precious face. Sometimes I’ll get into my makeup. Some days I decide to simply shine my innate beauty (its pretty bright). Here are my Daily Hacks for Happy Winter Skin!

    19. Pack bag (5 mins)

    Along with important items like keys, wallet, phone, laptop, I take time to pack a water bottle. Maybe a snack. I make sure I have tissues, deodorant, gloves, etc. Any little things I might want or that the season might call for. Very classy.

    20. End of routine!

    Now that I’ve enjoyed my morning thoroughly, my work has permission to begin!

    → → ABSOLUTELY NOT ALLOWED during morning routine (trust me):

    Social media. Checking email. Returning texts. Let the world think you’re sleeping. Shh…

    Benefits of a Leisurely Morning

    Now let’s see how long that took altogether: 145 mins! Oh my! Adding some restroom time and that’s about… 2 1/2 hours.

    Before you freak out, allow me to dissect the time and few reasons why it is worth it: ENJOYMENT & EXTRA ENERGY

    • You will actually WANT to get up and do your favorite things, so there’s no need to account for hitting snooze.
    • You won’t have to experience stress first thing in the morning
    • You’ll be STICKING IT TO THE MAN who says “Your morning energy is MINE wahaha” (I think)
    • I use this routine to manage depression and anxiety symptoms.
    • You will be FULL OF ENERGY and have a super effective day.
    • I did say this was “Extra AF”


    • You must do many of these things anyway! Like put on clothes, brush your teeth, and pack your bag. Why not track them?
    • Lots of workplaces are flexible with time. So see about beginning your workday a bit later.
    • If you’re a student, maybe you can plan your schedule with this in mind 🙂
    • Entrepreneurs – I bet you have some control over your availability.
    • You can easily cut out the workout and/or cleaning to save time

    So why is it “worth it?” Because you are worth it. And you’ll be worth more today if you energize first thing!

    Make your own morning routine indoor plants on a shelf

    How To Make Your Own Morning Routine

    1. Find your anchor. For me, it is writing in my journal. Not only is it the thing that drives me to look forward to morning times, but it is the central, core component of the morning routine. 
    2. Sit down and write out a list to answer the question: “What would I love to do every morning, which brings me joy?”
    3. Write out a second list to answer the question: “What do I really NEED to do every morning?”
    4. Combine the lists and adjust for reasonability (Maybe you can’t go to a cafe in Paris every morning, but I bet you can mimic the ambiance of that experience by making yourself a homemade latte, then sipping it in your dining room while playing cafe music. Why not?).
    5. Estimate times for each item, then calculate total time.
    6. Set your alarm accordingly!
    7. Try this for 5 days in a row (for reasons to NOT TRY IT ONCE THEN GIVE UP, you might enjoy my post How to Set the Bar Low).
    8. After day 5 assess and adjust (I adjust all of the time)!

    In closing, I know this is crazy. I know this routine is huge and extravagant. But you know what? It is amazing. And life-changing. And really not that weird (if you want to conquer life on the regs). 🙂

    So I encourage you to make a morning routine. Try it.

    → Tell me about your morning routine on my Facebook or Instagram

    Much love,

    Dr. Erienne Weine

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  • Build a Mental Health Kit

    So it’s cold. It’s gray. It’s dark. And I feel lame. Do you ever feel yucky when the weather is bad? What about fully depressed? I sure do. That’s when I open my mental health kit!

    Where’s the Sun?

    Some days, there’s less sunlight than I’d like. I love the sun’s ability to make me feel bright, engaged, open, activated, and tuned-in. So when my bright friend is hidden behind clouds for the *$@%ing fifth day in a row, I start to feel a little puny.

    My cure? Immerse my mind in something.

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    My Cure is Immersion

    I have a theory that my brain loves the sun because of the type of state it gets me into. An immersive one. One where it is easy to pay attention to and enjoy something for a while. When I’m immersed, I can’t think of anything else.

    So, when I don’t have the sun to help me, I engage in activities that allow my brain to fall into the same deep, engaged state.

    The trick is to find immersive activities. Then actually do one!

    Go back into your memories, and pick out some things that feel great to do! Things that when you do them, you can’t think of anything else. Immersive activities that will truly activate your brain. Here is my winter blues mental health kit!

    Mental health kit image of a first aide kit

    Mental Health Kit

    To help stimulate your noggin, I’ve got a checklist of activities for ya! A mental health kit, if you will. These are things that can activate your brain and uplift your mood. And they’re simple. They are things you might do weekly anyway; things that you probably already have the materials for.


    Here are some activities guaranteed to take you in:

    • Get out your art supplies and doodle, draw, or paint
    • Organize something (junk drawer, vanity, pantry, etc. – very satisfying)
    • Pre-chop some vegetables (soothing and helpful to your future self)
    • Color in your adult coloring book (I know you have one)
    • Work a puzzle
    • Look at pet memes
    • Knit (okay I don’t know how to knit, but I heard its lit)



    Take your mind to a new place. See different things. Feel different things. Do it actively, not passively.

    • Go for a nature walk (Otherwise known as a nature bath -nature is magical in any season.)
    • Treat yourself to a nice meal at a cute little restaurant (You know, the one that makes you feel like you’re back on that amazing trip)
    • Hit the thrift shop (Go pop some tags baby! Buy a weird kimono for $5 that makes you feel like a goddess. Then send me a pic.)
    • Walk around the block (This is so easy and instantly effective at resetting my mind)
    • Go for a stroll around the mall (Lots of activity, people, and free samples)
    • See a movie in the theater (Pick something weird)
    • Play a video game (Suddenly you can fly and shoot lightning bolts!)
    • Try the free meditation introductory class (You know, the one you always see signs for? It will be AMAZING.)
    • Visualize a beautiful, calm place
    • Plan a dream vacation (Not a realistic vacation)
    • Read a book in Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Romance, or History (Personally, I would never read history. But some people say it’s dope.)
    • Read a story to kids


    Try drinking a different type of caffeine than your usual. Caffeine works at the neurotransmitter level; new caffeine causes new activity. Drinking it will give you a brain boost (and maybe some antioxidants). I like to have one of these when the sun goes down (and I get sad about it). Just one cup 🙂

    • Green tea (get those antioxidants baby!)
    • Matcha latte (way more antioxidants)
    • Earl Grey tea (You fancy)
    • A piece of dark chocolate and fruit (super yum with raspberries)
    • Espresso (whip your pinkie out!)
    • Chai latte (black tea)
    • Mocha
    • Tip: Do something FUN after you drink this. Not something you hate.


    Time to shock your system awake. Shake it up. Shake it off. Whatever, just move your body (vigorously, baby).

    • Sing an Alicia Keys song loudly
    • Dance party in the kitchen
    • Go for a quick jog (wearing your brightest workout clothes)
    • Watch dance vids on YouTube (I’m obsessed with JoJo Gomez’s choreography)
    • Do yoga for 20 mins (I just do 10 sun salutations then lay in corpse pose)
    • Workout to one little video
    • Try a new dance class (I HIGHLY recommend African dance)
    • Watch a sporting match or reality show that makes you get up and yell at the screen


    If you feel lousy, maybe your sugar levels are too low, or you’ve been eating junk? Fresh, delicious, genuinely nourishing food helps me feel like a functional human again. These always make me feel better:

    • Berry smoothie (antiox alert!)
    • Hummus (mmm… lemon & garlic is my fave)
    • Granola bars (these homemade ones might change your life)
    • Chili (I feel emotional just thinking about chili)
    • A juicy piece of fruit
    • Beans (how are these so satisfying?)
    • A few carrots (v classy)
    • A nice tall glass of water


    Aww. When I feel low, some TLC feels wonderful. You probably need to do one of these right now:

    • Take a long, hot shower
    • Rub your feet on a tennis ball
    • Rub your hands
    • Head massage!
    • Clip your nails (if that’s not self-care, I don’t know what is)
    • Moisturize your skin (Check out my blog post Winter Mental Health Trick: Keep Dry Skin Happy for 10 amazing and weird tips)
    • Massage (DIY, or ask someone who loves you to rub your back)

    So there you go! Lots of ideas. Pick one. Try it out. Then write up a list of more.


    Make your own Mental Health Kit

    What would you add to the list above?

    To make your own mental health kit, simply make a checklist for yourself, and put it somewhere you can easily find it!

    Some people even fill a box with mental health kit items to help themselves on down days, such as tea bags, art supplies, cute toys, pictures, lotion, aromatherapy, etc.

    If you’re feeling down, and the weather is not helping, I feel for you. I suggest stimulating your mind. It works well for me 🙂


    Dr. Erienne Weine




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  • Recover from Crying (Your Eyes Out)

    I just cried

    Like, a lot…

    And I might cry again!

    Any second now… here it comes… watch out!

    What is going on??? That’s right! You guessed it! I’m having a crying jag. And all I want to do is stop crying.


    What do I mean by a “Crying Jag?”

    Oh, a crying jag is a lovely emotional state. Also known as bawling, weeping, sobbing, blubbering, wailing, grieving, crying, or mourning.

    Familiar with the sensation?

    I like to describe it as crying my eyes out. Because I seriously think they might pop out out of my head. It is that serious.

    You know the drill. Once you get started, you practically can’t stop. The tears keep flowing. I personally make pitiful sounds that never end – boo hoo hoo hoo hoo. My face begins to resemble a ripe tomato. Nerves get all twitchy. Breathing is rapid and gasp-y. And everything and anything seems to make me cry more!

    My ability to function? That’s gone. The feels have taken over!

    Here’s how I make it stop.

    Stop Crying Step #1: Drink Peppermint Tea

    Omg have you tried this??

    Peppermint tea will un-swell your face lightning quick.

    Peppermint tea is able to do this because it is anti-inflammatory. Drinking something anti-inflammatory will physically counteract your inflammation reflex. This is the reflex that makes you puffy, swollen, red, constricted, and achy. It makes me feel like my blood is pounding in my head, face, eyes, pillow, etc.

    As soon as you realize you’re in stuck in a crying loop, do the following:

    1. Fill a tea kettle with water and set it to boil.

    2. Pick your favorite mug or teapot.

    3. Open up a bag of peppermint tea. Smell it, if your nostrils will allow. It is lovely: somehow soothing and sharp at the same time! Ahh.

    4. Place the

      tea bag

      in mug or teapot. Top with boiling water.

    5. Sit down with your face over the cup so the steam flows onto your distraught visage.

    6. Wait 5 mins. Take some slow deep breaths of the steam.

    7. Remove the bag. Your tea is now ready to enjoy!

    8. Take a sip. Adjust the temp. If the tea is too hot to drink, add a splash of cold water or an ice cube.

    9. Drink it slow and feel your swelling go down, breathing stabilize, nostrils open, and redness dissipate!

    10. Sit in awe of this wonderful drink.

    Seriously effing amazing.

    Peppermint Tea Tips:

    1. Here’s my current favorite Peppermint Tea.

    2. Peppermint tea is lovely with any type of milk.

    3. Any anti-inflammatory tea will do. I’m also a big fan of turmeric tea with honey, lemon, and black pepper.

    Stop Crying Step #2: Lightly Stretch your Body

    You probably don’t want to move. But you wouldn’t you like to stop crying and feel human again? This helps a lot and works AMAZINGLY well.

    1. Stand up

    2. Stretch your neck

    3. Roll your shoulders

    4. Arch your back all around

    5. Grab one foot at a time for a nice thigh stretch.

    6. Lunge to get your calves.

    7. Roll each foot in a circle – clockwise and counter-clockwise.

    8. Stretch or massage anything else that feels good!

    Voila! Now you’re standing, and even have control of your body. Aw, look at you! 🙂

    Stop Crying Step #3: Move your (newly stretched) Body

    For me, nothing resets me from crying my effing eyes out like getting my blood pumping.

    Working out stops the crying wheel because you’re giving your body new bio-feedback.

    You’re actually creating new signals to your body that say: “Hey! Time to regulate a different system!”

    For real, I’ll do this even if I’m still crying like boo hoo hoo hoo. And by the time I’m done, I feel so much better.

    Some options:

    1. Pick a short workout video on youtube. Jump around to a flamboyant dance routine, get your pilates on, or see how many situps you can do.

    2. Go walk around the block. The fresh air, new sights, and rhythm of your body will all transport you to another set of feels.

    3. Do some cardio, like run or ride your bike. Hey, if you expend your energy exercising, maybe you won’t have any

      left over

      for crying. (?)

    Best part? Now you can feel good that you exercised. Yes, this counts as exercise. And under tough conditions, too!

    You’re a major boss.

    Stop Crying Step #4: Do your Favorite Thing

    Okay, now that you’ve taken a bit of advice from me, it is time to follow your own too.

    What do you usually do to help yourself feel better? What is it?

    Do a bit of that. Go to sleep. Read a book. Eat some ice cream. Or binge watch that one show. Maybe you get some weird joy from organizing your spice cabinet, or throwing empty cans at a wall?

    Whatever it is, just do it. You’ll feel better.

    Obviously, I’m not judging.

    (Please try not to end up in jail tho. Or run up a huge bill. Or hurt yourself. You know what I mean. Oh, you won’t do those things? Okay, thanks yay!)

    Step #5. Breathe

    Just keep breathing  – and remember – It won’t last forever.

    And then we’ll laugh about it together. 

    I’m so proud of you. Good luck and breathe. You got this.

    Much love,

    Dr. Erienne Weine

    P.S. Share this post with your fellow cryers. 🙂

    Messed up gift idea: Gift a friend Peppermint Tea. If you happen to show up at their door weeping, they’ll have a cure. ;P


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  • Unlock Your Creativity

    Tired of running in the mental hampster wheel of criticizing everything in sight? Here are five ways to take your critical energy and transmogrify it into being naturally creative:


    What is your critical mind really saying? Let yourself spend a little time listening to that inner voice we all have. Maybe you don’t especially like what your subconscious is screaming about these days. I know that when this happens to me, I shut it down. I try really hard to stop listening to myself.

    And other times I’m so tired, frustrated, misunderstood, or just hungry, that I don’t have the energy to listen to myself.

    But you know what I’ve learned? The nagging feelings only go away when I listen to them.

    The nagging feelings only go away when I listen to them.

    So the first thing to do if you want to turn that inner anger into something that feels good, is to hear what it has to say.

    In my experience, my angry inner voice actually has creative ideas for me! It is only angry because that’s how loud it has to shout to get my attention. So zoning in on the voice is the best thing to do. And the negative part doesn’t last that long. Letting your ideas flow actually feels good. Once you listen in, the natural thing that will happen next is you will…



    How would I wear that outfit? What would I do if I were in charge? What if this system wasn’t broken?

    This is the part where you gently force yourself to create constructive ideas.

    Constructive ideas already exist deep in your mind. They’re trying to pop up! So uncork that fizzy bottle which is your subconscious and let the creative ideas come to mind. Give yourself permission to think about what you want to think about.

    Here are some easy ways to listen in. When the ideas start to come up, just let them through. You’ll be surprised by how quickly they might begin to flow:

    Give it a try!



    Speak and be heard! Another way to stop being critical is to talk about your creative ideas with everyone you meet.

    • Post a little blurb on your social media.
    • Call your mom and talk about it.
    • Actually say it out loud to the chatty cashier you see every week.

    OMG speak to other humans? Yeah. People do it all the time. Think about all the people who just say random shit to you! You can do that too.

    For example,

    “So the other day I saw someone wearing cowboy boots with a super classy look and it drove me nuts! I guess that means there are tons of styles out there I don’t like. But you know what I really DO like about women’s fashion these days? That there are no rules. Well, you know what I’m going to do? I’m going to take that same mindset and let myself get dressed without caring about the rules! I’ll create my own rules. For me, I like to keep it crisp! Maybe I’ll wear a classy look with military-inspired accessories…. That would be cool! Hm, what do you think, friend?”

    Wow. Look. A totally constructive conversation based on something everyone can relate to.


    No I don’t mean fashion.

    I mean criticizing! You could have the exact same conversation about lunch choices. Or your co-workers’ desk. Or that field of weeds you see every single flippin’ day!

    Here’s the formula:

    • Start with what you don’t like.
    • Say what could be better.
    • State what you’re going to do about it.
    • Ask your listener for their opinion.

    You get brownie points for listening to the other person and engaging in a genuine conversation.



    Next is to let yourself just immediately do something creative. Even if it is only a small step, it will feel great and help alleviate some of the tension.

    • Use the note-taking app on your phone and write some ideas.
    • Or pull out that little notebook and pen that you take everywhere and scribble down a thought.
    • Wear something you save for special occasions.
    • Compliment someone.
    • Doodle.
    • Draw something on a foggy window, in the dirt, on the back of your hand, on your phone, etc.
    • Treat yourself to a new food.

    The point is to do anything out-of-the-ordinary that is a bit impulsive but in line with who you are and how you’re feeling right this moment. It really doesn’t matter if you follow through with that project. It matters that you let yourself be alive.


    This part gets me excited the most. Carve out just 15 mins in your schedule tomorrow to do something constructive or creative for yourself.

    • Maybe right before you work out.
    • Or after you commute.
    • Or as soon as you wake up.

    Call it creative time. Maybe you have mind-blowing ideas when you go for a run. Or when you drink hot tea. Pop that into your schedule.

    Let those creative ideas out so you stop freaking out. Remember this is your inner voice putting YOU on blast. So tune in and ask that inner voice, what do you want me to do?

    Dr. Erienne Weine


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