• Gain Career Skills as a Psychology Major

    Welcome to the Psychology Major.

    Where the classes are compelling and the career paths unclear!

    So, what can you do with a psychology major?

    As a former psychology major myself, and current psychology professor, I get asked this question all of the time. I know very well the implications of studying psych: Everyone thinks its super interesting but no one really respects it.

    Today I’m here to help you out! In this post, I’m sharing my best advice for “How to be a Psychology Major.”

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    My Philosophy for Psychology Majors: Give yourself a chance to fall in love

    Here’s my philosophy for psychology majors: Study psychology for the experiences, knowledge, and skills you’ll gain. For the ability to explore what truly interests you and makes you a wiser soul.

    By studying psychology, you’ll give yourself the chance to fall in love with a career path. This way, you’re not dispassionately pursuing money while hating your life. You’ll be doing something that feels right for you, makes a difference that you want to make, and uses MANY of the skills that you actually enjoy using. AND makes you solid money. For real.

    Everyone wants to hire someone who is passionate about their path. Big companies. Start-ups. Hospitals. Offices. Little organizations. Everyone. On the other hand, people are much less excited about hiring a cog in the machine.

    DO NOT study psychology to become an X.

    I repeat: DO NOT study psychology to become an X.

    Why? Because that’s not the point of higher education. That’s the point of an internship.

    If you want to become an engineer, you’ll want to study engineering. But to get an actual respectable engineering job, you’ll also need some concrete experience in the field. What if you want to be a financial analyst, accountant, lawyer? You need EXPERIENCE. More than classes will give you.

    This is also true when pursuing a psychology degree.

    → Try this: study psychology to learn what kind of X you want to become. 

    Recruiters care about your experience. What you have actually DONE. How you THINK. And your SKILLS. Here are just some of the skills you’ll inevitably gain with 4 years of studying psych under your belt!


    Psychology Major skills sought by employers, pinterest image

    All of these are amazing abilities! All of these will give you a big boost in any career path.

    To gain these skills, give yourself a chance to fall in love with your career path, and become passionate I recommend the following 6 experiences for every psychology major. No, I demand them. 😉

    The 6 Experiences Every Psychology Major Must Have:

    1. Work in a Research Lab

    Working in a research lab gives you a full understanding of how research happens. I mean, how to come up with a study idea, plan the method, make materials, collect data, analyze data, and present your findings. You gain real experiences that you can put on your resume. You learn whether research is for you! Often, working in a lab can count as course credit. Peruse your department’s faculty page to see what each lab investigates. They’ll have contact info on there about working in the lab!

    2. Gain direct Mental Health Services experience

    So you want to work with people! But do you actually? Find out early. In psych you can learn first-hand what its like to work with real humans before sinking years into a doctorate (like in some other fields…). Try working in a mental health inpatient unit, clinician’s office, or outreach center. Ask the Clinical Psychologists in your department for their recommendations on where to get some experience. I promise you won’t be the first to ask. 🙂

    Psychology Majors in the Library

    3. Take Abnormal Psychology

    This is a highly beloved class for a reason: IT IS JUST SO COOL. Here you learn the deets about schizophrenia, depression, anxiety disorders, eating disorders, personality disorders, bipolar disorder, and much more. Learn to diagnose your roommate! Learn what OCD actually means! See the weirdest new treatment techniques! This class is a MUST and honestly so fun.

    4. Study Cognitive Science

    Trust me, when people hear you’re a psychology major, they’re going to want to know if you can read their mind. (People are stupid.) This is a pretty close second tho. Take Cognition, Cognitive Psychology, or Cognitive Science and you’ll learn how people make decisions, think, remember, forget, pay attention, stay awake, process information, read, and learn. It is so amazing how much we know. You’ll be seriously upgrading yourself by learning the details of how your brain works. Trust me.

    5. Do Statistics

    Omg is statistics math??? I chose psychology so I’d never need to take math again! I don’t wanna do this!

    Listen, I felt the same way. Then I actually took stats. So please understand that I come from a place of love when I say: SHUT UP AND TAKE STATISTICS.

    It is not math. It is learning how to evaluate whether a claim is true, when that claim is made with numbers. And It is actually pretty intuitive. You’ll be great at it. And then you’ll understand what results actually mean. It is SO worth it to know if someone is making stuff up by jamming random stats into their claim. So buy yourself a nice notebook and go to stats. You got this. 🙂

    6. Take Social Psychology

    Ah, the class outsiders think is all we do in psychology! Social Psychology is an excellent class and has so many things to fall in love with (hint: major place for career inspiration!). Be sure not to miss your chance to learn about love, helping, teamwork, conformity, holocaust experiments, and a huge range of weird things people do in groups.

    I hope my words of advice inspire you to pursue psychology with an attitude of exploration! When you’re a Psychology Major, you’re investing in yourself. Now that’s the kind of person I want to hire. 🙂

    Much love,

    Fresh Philosopher signature

    Psychology Major skills sought by employers, pinterest image
    6 experiences every psychology major must try instagram image

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  • Make a Morning Routine

    What if you could do EVERYTHING you wanted to… every single morning? What if you had an amazing morning routine? That’s the question I asked myself one Sunday.

    I had just finished writing in my journal. I love writing. And I casually thought, “Oh, I’ll do this again tomorrow for sure.” Then it hit me. I wasn’t going to be able to write in my journal tomorrow. Or the next day. I had work. Suddenly, I was suddenly very sad.

    Then I thought, “Why not? Why CAN’T I write in my journal tomorrow? Or do anything else I want?”

    The answer came quickly: Because my mornings “belonged” to work. Duh. My mornings were not my own. They belonged to my job. Along with my energy. My time. My thoughts. And my dreams.

    Screw that!

    As soon as I realized I had this mindset, I decided to change it. So I did. For the next week, I woke up earlier and gave myself writing time. It was lovely! But not only that, it was game-changing. Getting organized before the day begins, packing bag, laptop, and drinking tea

    The Morning Routine Snowball Effect

    Now that I was setting aside time for myself, I started doing a bit more each day to make my mornings enjoyable. I started making myself a nice cup of tea. Then I added breakfast. After a while, I slapped a 10-min meditation session in there. Before I knew it, I had created a morning routine! I’m delighted to present you my “Extra AF Morning Routine.” Because it really is extra. Then, I happily show you my method so you can make one of your own.* *Btw, my goal here is to inspire you to enjoy your life. Not to make you feel inferior. If you don’t do this stuff, cannot do it, or simply don’t want to, that is 100% fine! Like, I want to inspire you to “do you.” Not to be me. So with that in mind, please prepare yourself for some mega morning inspiration!


    My Morning Routine Checklist

    I have a checklist with each of these items on my phone. I use an app called AwesomeNOTE. I’d say I do about 80% of these every day, roughly in this order. Okay, let’s wake up! 🙂

    1.Remove self from bed

    Yes, I literally have this on my checklist. It can be the hardest part! Plus, it gets me to look at the rest of my list.

    2. Put on pants (2 mins)

    Or a robe or whatever. Some mornings it is so cold, I want to stay in bed FOREVER to keep warm. So I’ll put on sweatpants, a robe, and/or a huge comfy sweater immediately to keep that cozy feeling!

    3. Bathroom

    Nature calls. Or at least it probably should sometimes. (It would be weird to put a time here… so I’m just gonna… leave this blank…)

    4. Brush teeth, scrape tongue, & splash water on face (5 mins)

    Yum, pepperminty freshness! I’m beginning to feel human.

    5. Make lemon tea or lime tea (5 mins)

    Boil some water. Cut a lemon (or lime!) in half. Squeeze juice into a mug, and pour hot water on top. Check button on the list! Apparently, this is super healthy for your innards.

    6. Open curtains (while water boils)

    Heaven let your light shine down!

    A woman meditates on the lake dock at dawn 7. Meditate (10 mins)

    I meditate 10 mins in the morning. Sometimes I use an app. Sometimes just a timer. It feels seriously amazing and is linked to a ridiculous amount of benefits. It reminds me that I’m alive and my energy is MINE.

    8. Light stretch (2 mins)

    After sitting still for 10 mins, you’ll want to stretch. Move whatever feels good! Yawn.

    9. Breathe fresh air (1 min)

    I open up the front door and take a few deep breaths! Sometimes I scare a bird or two… heh.

    Flatlay of my breakfast routine including Notebook, pens, Coffee, Oatmeal, and an apple

    10. Journal & sip tea (30 mins)

    Now it is time for my favorite activity of the day! I sit down with my journal and pens. I write as long as I want to. Usually, my tea is the perfect temperature right now, so I sip it. Sometimes I write only a few sentences, sometimes I write a few pages, and other times I stare out the window. If I don’t use the full time, that’s fine. But I still block it off and respect my precious journal time!

    11. Quick little workout (30 mins)

    I’ll spend no more than 30 mins donning workout clothes, stretching, then doing a quick workout. I’ll go for a 1 mile run or do a couple Blogilates workout videos. Or do yoga from an app (or simply from memory). This is such a nice thing to do for yourself! Your sense of accomplishment will be sky high! Also, it is a hack of “highly successful people.”

    12. Recover and de-sweat (10 mins)

    Stretch and prevent yourself from smelling weird all day 🙂

    13. Put on actual clothes (10 mins)

    I allow myself to enjoy the process of getting dressed, but sometimes I enjoy it too much. So I squash this part after my workout and before food! This prevents me from trying on 1 million outfits, then going with the first one anyway.

    A healthy breakfast of greek yogurt with fruit, some kind of pressed juice, and hipster aesthetics
    14. Make breakfast (5 mins)

    Usually, I have pre-made breakfast ready to go. Like homemade granola, granola bars, banana bread, or some overnight oatmeal. Sometimes I’ll make a smoothie. Why do I make breakfast easy? Because I get so hungry I can’t think. Also, I’m expecting this breakfast to give me at least 6 hours of hearty energy, so I go for nutrients.

    15. Eat breakfast (10 mins)

    I challenge you to do nothing but EAT during breakfast. Try it. Don’t look at anything on your phone, don’t read, and don’t listen to a podcast. Instead look at your food. Taste it. Smell it. Enjoy it. Be grateful for it. Go slow. It feels lovely. Don’t you love food? Surprisingly this doesn’t take very long at all but feels like forever (in a delicious food way).

    17. Pick up around the house, water plants, make the bed (10 mins)

    I take a little time to put away my breakfast, clear daily clutter, water a few plants, then make the bed. It feels good to spruce up my space. I’ll pick up only: trash, recycling, shoes, clothes. Very adulting. Don’t get carried away tho (no scrubbing okay?).

    18. Hair and face (10 mins)

    I give myself the chance to enjoy fixing my hair and attending to my precious face. Sometimes I’ll get into my makeup. Some days I decide to simply shine my innate beauty (its pretty bright). Here are my Daily Hacks for Happy Winter Skin!

    19. Pack bag (5 mins)

    Along with important items like keys, wallet, phone, laptop, I take time to pack a water bottle. Maybe a snack. I make sure I have tissues, deodorant, gloves, etc. Any little things I might want or that the season might call for. Very classy.

    20. End of routine!

    Now that I’ve enjoyed my morning thoroughly, my work has permission to begin!

    → → ABSOLUTELY NOT ALLOWED during morning routine (trust me):

    Social media. Checking email. Returning texts. Let the world think you’re sleeping. Shh…

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    Benefits of a Leisurely Morning

    Now let’s see how long that took altogether: 145 mins! Oh my! Adding some restroom time and that’s about… 2 1/2 hours.

    Before you freak out, allow me to dissect the time and few reasons why it is worth it: ENJOYMENT & EXTRA ENERGY

    • You will actually WANT to get up and do your favorite things, so there’s no need to account for hitting snooze.
    • You won’t have to experience stress first thing in the morning
    • You’ll be STICKING IT TO THE MAN who says “Your morning energy is MINE wahaha” (I think)
    • I use this routine to manage depression and anxiety symptoms.
    • You will be FULL OF ENERGY and have a super effective day.
    • I did say this was “Extra AF”


    • You must do many of these things anyway! Like put on clothes, brush your teeth, and pack your bag. Why not track them?
    • Lots of workplaces are flexible with time. So see about beginning your workday a bit later.
    • If you’re a student, maybe you can plan your schedule with this in mind 🙂
    • Entrepreneurs – I bet you have some control over your availability.
    • You can easily cut out the workout and/or cleaning to save time

    So why is it “worth it?” Because you are worth it. And you’ll be worth more today if you energize first thing!

    Make your own morning routine indoor plants on a shelf

    How To Make Your Own Morning Routine

    1. Find your anchor. For me, it is writing in my journal. Not only is it the thing that drives me to look forward to morning times, but it is the central, core component of the morning routine. 
    2. Sit down and write out a list to answer the question: “What would I love to do every morning, which brings me joy?”
    3. Write out a second list to answer the question: “What do I really NEED to do every morning?”
    4. Combine the lists and adjust for reasonability (Maybe you can’t go to a cafe in Paris every morning, but I bet you can mimic the ambiance of that experience by making yourself a homemade latte, then sipping it in your dining room while playing cafe music. Why not?).
    5. Estimate times for each item, then calculate total time.
    6. Set your alarm accordingly!
    7. Try this for 5 days in a row (for reasons to NOT TRY IT ONCE THEN GIVE UP, you might enjoy my post How to Set the Bar Low).
    8. After day 5 assess and adjust (I adjust all of the time)!

    In closing, I know this is crazy. I know this routine is huge and extravagant. But you know what? It is amazing. And life-changing. And really not that weird (if you want to conquer life on the regs). 🙂 So make one. Try it. And then tell me what’s on your own crazy list.

    Much love,


    Fresh Philosopher

    Fresh Philosopher signature   Benefits-of-an-Extra-AF-Morning_Routine-Pinterest-Image-Large


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  • Recover from Crying

    I just cried.Like, a lot…And I might cry again!Any second now… here it comes… watch out!What is going on??? That’s right! You guessed it! I’m having a crying jag. And all I want to do is stop crying.

    What do I mean by a “Crying Jag?”

    Oh, a crying jag is a lovely emotional state. Also known as bawling, weeping, sobbing, blubbering, wailing, grieving, crying, or mourning.Familiar with the sensation?I like to describe it as crying my eyes out. Because I seriously think they might pop out out of my head. It is that serious.You know the drill. Once you get started, you practically can’t stop. The tears keep flowing. I personally make pitiful sounds that never end – boo hoo hoo hoo hoo. My face begins to resemble a ripe tomato. Nerves get all twitchy. Breathing is rapid and gasp-y. And everything and anything seems to make me cry more!My ability to function? That’s gone. The feels have taken over!Here’s how I make it stop.
    Luckily, I know a few tricks. Just like How I Cure Migraine Pain Naturally, I have a painkiller-free plan that works: A way to get myself out of this particularly deep state of languishing. Yup, I have figured out how to stop crying (thank goodness!).Here is how I return to a more normal, comfortable state of breathing, thinking, seeing, talking, and overall facial complexion.(Because at this point, I’m crying about the fact that I’m crying. FML.):

    Stop Crying Step #1: Drink Peppermint Tea

    Omg have you tried this??Peppermint tea will un-swell your face lightning quick.Peppermint tea is able to do this because it is anti-inflammatory. Drinking something anti-inflammatory will physically counteract your inflammation reflex. This is the reflex that makes you puffy, swollen, red, constricted, and achy. It makes me feel like my blood is pounding in my head, face, eyes, pillow, etc.As soon as you realize you’re in stuck in a crying loop, do the following:
    1. Fill a tea kettle with water and set it to boil.
    2. Pick your favorite mug or teapot.
    3. Open up a bag of peppermint tea. Smell it, if your nostrils will allow. It is lovely: somehow soothing and sharp at the same time! Ahh.
    4. Place the tea bag in mug or teapot. Top with boiling water.
    5. Sit down with your face over the cup so the steam flows onto your distraught visage.
    6. Wait 5 mins. Take some slow deep breaths of the steam.
    7. Remove the bag. Your tea is now ready to enjoy!
    8. Take a sip. Adjust the temp. If the tea is too hot to drink, add a splash of cold water or an ice cube.
    9. Drink it slow and feel your swelling go down, breathing stabilize, nostrils open, and redness dissipate!
    10. Sit in awe of this wonderful drink.
    Seriously effing amazing.TIPS:
    1. Here’s my current favorite Peppermint Tea.
    2. Peppermint tea is lovely with any type of milk.
    3. Any anti-inflammatory tea will do. I’m also a big fan of turmeric tea with honey, lemon, and black pepper.

    Learn more about the class

     Stop Crying Step #2: Lightly Stretch your Body

    You probably don’t want to move. But you wouldn’t you like to stop crying and feel human again? This helps a lot and works AMAZINGLY well.
    1. Stand up
    2. Stretch your neck
    3. Roll your shoulders
    4. Arch your back all around
    5. Grab one foot at a time for a nice thigh stretch.
    6. Lunge to get your calves.
    7. Roll each foot in a circle – clockwise and counter-clockwise.
    8. Stretch or massage anything else that feels good!
    Voila! Now you’re standing, and even have control of your body. Aw, look at you! 🙂

    Stop Crying Step #3: Move your (newly stretched) Body

    For me, nothing resets me from crying my effing eyes out like getting my blood pumping.Working out stops the crying wheel because you’re giving your body new bio-feedback.You’re actually creating new signals to your body that say: “Hey! Time to regulate a different system!”For real, I’ll do this even if I’m still crying like boo hoo hoo hoo. And by the time I’m done, I feel so much better.Some options:
    1. Pick a short workout video on youtube. Jump around to a flamboyant dance routine, get your pilates on, or see how many situps you can do.
    2. Go walk around the block. The fresh air, new sights, and rhythm of your body will all transport you to another set of feels.
    3. Do some cardio, like run or ride your bike. Hey, if you expend your energy exercising, maybe you won’t have any left over for crying. (?)
    Best part? Now you can feel good that you exercised. Yes, this counts as exercise. And under tough conditions, too!You’re a major boss.

    Stop Crying Step #4: Do your Favorite Thing

    Okay, now that you’ve taken a bit of advice from me, it is time to follow your own too.What do you usually do to help yourself feel better? What is it?Do a bit of that. Go to sleep. Read a book. Eat some ice cream. Or binge watch that one show. Maybe you get some weird joy from organizing your spice cabinet, or throwing empty cans at a wall?Whatever it is, just do it. You’ll feel better.Obviously, I’m not judging.(Please try not to end up in jail tho. Or run up a huge bill. Or hurt yourself. You know what I mean. Oh, you won’t do those things? Okay, thanks yay!)

    It won’t last forever

    It won’t last forever. And then we’ll laugh about it together. I’m so proud of you. Good luck and breathe. You got this.?Sincerely,Erienne Dr. Erienne Weine
    P.S. Share this post with your fellow cryers. 🙂Messed up gift idea: Gift a friend Peppermint Tea. If you happen to show up at their door weeping, they’ll have a cure. ;P

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  • Listen to Your Intuition

    Mystical pursuits are cool because they can help you increase intuition, cultivate your mental health, and reach higher levels of consciousness.

    Here I provide a brief introduction to the top 3 mystical pursuits. Then I show you the rockstars who are creating must-see content in this exciting realm. Enjoy:

    3 mystical ways to raise your consciousness in 2018, large Pinterest Image


    Horoscope Popularity

    Horoscopes have become incredibly popular in the last few years. Have you noticed too? In addition to seeing constellations and words like “Capricorn” and “Gemini”  printed on everything from shirts to plates, I think this trend of astrological exploration is going to continue to expand. Here are a few such avenues, along with some great resources for learning about each.

    I bet you know your “sign.” Awesome! Well, there is so much more the zodiac can help you understand about yourself (and it’s amazing)!

    Moon in a misty sky: Introduction to mystical pursuits 2018
    Moon sign

    Your moon sign is where the moon was when you were born. Knowing the sign of your moon is just like knowing your type of subconsciousness. Check out your moon sign to gain insight into how you mentally process things, how you deal with past hurts, your relationship to your dreams, and how you choose to use your intuition. Pretty cool.

    And that’s just one of many things the zodiac can shine a little more light on!

    Rising Sign
    Your rising sign is the zodiac house that was on the horizon when you were born. This can tell you about how other people see you from a distance. Ever feel misunderstood, or like people judge you incorrectly? Your rising sign can help shed light on this, and give you the tools to smooth over perception snags.

    Here are a few astrologers dedicated to the craft of communicating the planets’ effect on us, whose predictions are spot-on.

    Chani Nicholas

    Omg. She’s JUST. SO. GOOD! Chani explains why reading your rising sign is super helpful. She offers WOKE horoscopes touching on current political and social issues. And she makes her own imagery (which is AMAZING). Hop on her newsletter and regret it never.

    The Astrotwins

    Literally, twins who read horoscopes. They are hilarious. And comprehensive. I have their app, which offers daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes. But they also have so many amazingly revealing articles on their site. These two also love to cover unconventional horoscope topics (such as fashion, hair, and wellness trends). Check out their amazing and prolific perspective.

    Learn more about the class

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    What is Tarot?

    This is a fun predictive card game. Each card has a life theme on it. You ask an open-ended question, draw a card using your intuition, then look up the meaning of your card for some insight. I find it a stress-free way of gaining new perspectives on issues in my life that are foggy. Its one of the mystical pursuits that anyone can do, because there’s always an instruction manual to help you interpret the cards.

    Fun ways to Tarot
    • Gift yourself a deck
    • Get a professional reading
    • Draw one Tarot card for yourself every day
    • Incorporate Tarot into your next bff gathering
    The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck
    The Wild Unknown tarot Deck by Kim Krans

    Created by Kim Krans, this is a super-inspiring deck by an intuitive artist. Each card is a work of art. And the simple but powerful card explanations will make you want to read Tarot all night long.

    The Starchild Tarot

    Mystical Pursuit: Tarot. Image of tarot card from StarchildtarotThese cards are a is a visual sonnet. Seriously breathtaking. Do your eyes a favor and peek at Danielle Noel’s beyond-gorgeous cards.

    Palm Reading

    Ever had your palm read?  Most professional readers will give you lots of insightful information about yourself and your life. This may be a year you decide to get a palm reading just for fun!

    The type of palm reading I think will be big in 2018 tho, is self palm reading. That’s right! Reading your own palm. Here are the 3 basic lines.

    Love line
    The most popular of lines for a reason, your love line stretches from underneath your pinkie finger over toward your pointer and middle fingers. My favorite thing to read on the love line? Which finger does it point to?
    Middle finger: You tend to care most about making the other person happy in the relationship.
    Pointer finger: You don’t see the point of relationships that don’t bring you joy.

    Line split or in the middle: You’re flexible.

    Head Line

    The line of mental strength, stability, and change. The beginning of your life starts under your pointer finger, then moves toward the side of your hand (under the pinkie). Most head lines extend to underneath the ring finger, which is toward your later life years. Check out variations in depth. This helps show when you get most interested in mental activities in your life. You can also track lines off-shooting from your head line to other lines to see things you might be thinking about!

    Life Line
    This one wraps widely around your thumb! Excitingly, this line won’t tell you how long you’ll live. Sigh. Rather, it indicates the quality of your life. (Deeper is higher quality, more balanced.) The beginning of life is in between your thumb and pointer finger, and the line extends in time down toward your wrist.

    There you go! You’re a beginner palm reader!

    Tarot, Palm Reading, & Moon Signs for Beginners, Large Pinterest Image
    Palm reading for beginners

    Palm reading: The basics by Lauren Conrad. Click the image to visit her site!Lauren Conrad has an excellent article on palm reading for beginners. If this piques your interest a little, I invite you to check it out!

    As with all mystical pursuits, there is a lot of variety in interpretation. Everyone agrees about the basics. But the deeper interpretation is in the mind of the beholder. So, if you’re reading your own palm, then go with what feels right in your gut. Discard what feels fake.

    The ultimate guide to palmistry

     For palm reading, the only thing I truly trust is what I call THE TEXTBOOK (because it is 500+ pages and written by two lifetime professional palm readers). The Art and Science of Hand Reading by Ellen Goldberg and Dorian Bergen was just published in 2016 and I’m obsessed.

    It’s 2018: Be a little mystical!

    So go ahead and try something here that resonates with you! I hope you find some inspiration in your own mystical pursuits.

    Lots of Celestial Love,

    Fresh Philosopher

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    3 mystical ways to raise your consciousness in 2018, large Pinterest Image

    Tarot, Palm Reading, & Moon Signs for Beginners, Large Pinterest Image

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  • Set the Bar Low

    Let’s face it. You’re expected to have ambitious goals. You’re expected to be the best. You’re not supposed to set the bar low.

    You know you should: Work out more… Make more money… Come up with an unattainable goal that is impossible to achieve. Okay, maybe not the last one! 😉

    Point is, the pressure to succeed at things can lead me to set goals that are too high. Super high. So high I can’t imagine how I’ll ever accomplish them. And when I can’t imagine how I’ll accomplish something, it’s pretty hard to do it.

    Setting the bar high isn’t always the best method for progress. In fact, it can be the enemy.

    Extreme goals screw me over every time.

    You know what I’ve learned? High goals keep me from reaching any goal. Even if I make progress, I don’t feel satisfied. High goals perpetuate a sense of confusion about what I’m doing because I’m looking so far down the road, rather than where I am. And they generally keep me from celebrating things I’ve done. In short, they suck.

    So I have a new philosophy. Why not set the bar low? Real low. And see if I can’t get somewhere. 🙂

    Here is some valuable advice on how to set the bar low (in 3 parts):

    How to set the bar low: A dark pinterest image
    Set the Bar Low Part 1: Wait until you’re at a low point to mark the beginning

    (so you can notice improvement quickly!)

    Oh, I love to cheat my sense of progress. It is an amazing life hack.

    Here’s my favorite way to do it.

    Let’s say I want to lose a bit of weight.* Shall I hold off collecting my “start” weight until I’ve gotten into a bit better shape? Hell no!

    Check that start weight at your worst moment! Right after you’ve eaten a huge meal, and haven’t worked out since forever.

    One week into the new fitness routine, re-weigh yourself first thing in the morning (before you eat or drink anything and right after you poop). Voila! Unbelievably fast results.

    Ah, It feels great… Maybe it is a bit artificial… Okay, maybe it is an absolutely horrible control condition! (Technically you’d want to weigh yourself under the same conditions each time.) But you know what? The progress makes me feel great.

    I did something! And more importantly, I didn’t screw myself over by making some progress, then saying, “this is square one.” Which it actually wouldn’t be. You know what? Go ahead and own your low point.

    Go ahead and own your low point.

    By gaining evidence that your efforts have resulted in change, you’re setting yourself up to pursue your goal some more.

    *I don’t advocate weighing yourself obsessively, even every day. Most of the time I don’t do it at all. But it is a good way to take occasional stock. It is not the only way to measure your health and this is just an example. 

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    Set the Bar Low Part 2: How to do it wrong (a tutorial)

    Once upon a time, I decided, “This year I’m running a marathon!” Flash forward to nope. Setting a goal like that landed me right back on the couch where I came from. Here’s why. I decided I wanted to be a “runner,” But I really just wanted to get in better shape. So I set the lofty goal above. My thinking went a little bit like this:

    There are only X months left until the next marathon! I’ve got to train! This weekend I’ve got to run at least 5 miles. By next weekend 10! Better sign up for a half marathon first! Omg there’s one in 6 weeks! I going to do it!

    Flash forward to the next available Saturday morning. I’m all suited up in various running apparati. Shoes. Shorts. A fancy iphone arm holder. I need to run 5 miles. I stretch out. Walk out my door, and sprint like hell.

    Whoops! About 30 seconds in, I’m out of breath. I kept going. 5 mintues in I had a huge stitch in my side. 7 mins in I could barely breathe. And 10 mins in I collapsed. Yep. Right on the path, I just tripped and fell over. Then I stayed there. I didn’t move for about 20 minutes.

    I realized right then. I was not a runner. I had evidence.

    And so I didn’t try running again for about one year. Wow what a fitness achievement! So, what did I do wrong?

    • Set a hugely insane goal (when I didn’t know what I was doing)
    • I pushed myself too hard
    • I ended up in pain (a lot of pain)
    • I created evidence that my goal is unattainable
    • I bailed after just one attempt
    • Never tried again

    Very very genius, no? So what should you do instead?

    Set the Bar Low Part 3: Aim for the knock-off version of your goal

    Okay, let’s so you really DO want to run a marathon. Or double your income. Here’s what you’re going to do:

    1.Take your original goal and make it concrete.

    How far do you want to run by when? Let’s say 10 miles in 2 months.

    Exactly how much do you want to make by which date? Let’s say 40% more in 6 months.

    2. Chop that goal in half. Then chop it in half again. (Or double the time. Then double it again.)

    Your new goal is to run one-quarter of that distance in 4x the time. Now you’re running 2.5 miles in 8 months.

    Your new goal is to increase your income 10% in 2 years. (Ooh these seem a little more do-able!)

    3. Figure out how to get to your knock-off goal.

    Now you can do things like run around the neighborhood once a week. Then twice a week. Maybe after a while you actually measure the distance and increase it.

    Now you can talk to colleagues and see how much you can expect your earnings to increase. Does that already meet your knock-off goal? Okay, work a tiny bit smarter than that.

    So that’s why to set the bar low

    Set the bar low. Figure out what you’re doing. Give yourself room for failure. Give yourself TONS of room for failure. Go slow. 🙂

    It is better to move towards a mini goal multiple times, than to only move toward your big goal once. The reason for this is that you (likely) need to use a habit to reach your goal. You’ve got to train to run. Got to do well at work consistently to make more money.

    Give yourself the time and space to form a habit. Before you know it, you will hop over that low bar. Then, my friend, you can raise it.



    Dr. Erienne Weine

    Learn more about the class

    How to set the bar low, Large Pinterest Image



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