• Gain Career Skills as a Psychology Major

    Welcome to the Psychology Major.

    Where the classes are compelling and the career paths unclear!

    So, what can you do with a psychology major?

    As a former psychology major myself, and current psychology professor,  I get asked this question all of the time. I know very well the implications of studying psych: Everyone thinks its super interesting but no one really respects it.

    Today I’m here to help you out! In this post, I’m sharing my best advice for “How to be a Psychology Major.”

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    My Philosophy for Psychology Majors: Give yourself a chance to fall in love

    Here’s my philosophy for psychology majors: Study psychology for the experiences, knowledge, and skills you’ll gain. For the ability to explore what truly interests you and makes you a wiser soul.

    By studying psychology, you’ll give yourself the chance to fall in love with a career path. This way, you’re not dispassionately pursuing money while hating your life. You’ll be doing something that feels right for you, makes a difference that you want to make, and uses MANY of the skills that you actually enjoy using. AND makes you solid money. For real.

    Everyone wants to hire someone who is passionate about their path. Big companies. Start-ups. Hospitals. Offices. Little organizations. Everyone. On the other hand, people are much less excited about hiring a cog in the machine.

    DO NOT study psychology to become an X.

    I repeat: DO NOT study psychology to become an X.

    Why? Because that’s not the point of higher education. That’s the point of an internship.

    If you want to become an engineer, you’ll want to study engineering. But to get an actual respectable engineering job, you’ll also need some concrete experience in the field. What if you want to be a financial analyst, accountant, lawyer? You need EXPERIENCE. More than classes will give you.

    This is also true when pursuing a psychology degree.

    → Try this: study psychology to learn what kind of X you want to become. 

    Recruiters care about your experience. What you have actually DONE. How you THINK. And your SKILLS. Here are just some of the skills you’ll inevitably gain with 4 years of studying psych under your belt!


    Psychology Major skills sought by employers, pinterest image

    All of these are amazing abilities! All of these will give you a big boost in any career path.

    To gain these skills, give yourself a chance to fall in love with your career path, and become passionate I recommend the following 6 experiences for every psychology major. No, I demand them. 😉

    The 6 Experiences Every Psychology Major Must Have:

    1. Work in a Research Lab

    Working in a research lab gives you a full understanding of how research happens. I mean, how to come up with a study idea, plan the method, make materials, collect data, analyze data, and present your findings. You gain real experiences that you can put on your resume. You learn whether research is for you! Often, working in a lab can count as course credit. Peruse your department’s faculty page to see what each lab investigates. They’ll have contact info on there about working in the lab!

    2. Gain direct Mental Health Services experience

    So you want to work with people! But do you actually? Find out early. In psych you can learn first-hand what its like to work with real humans before sinking years into a doctorate (like in some other fields…). Try working in a mental health inpatient unit, clinician’s office, or outreach center. Ask the Clinical Psychologists in your department for their recommendations on where to get some experience. I promise you won’t be the first to ask. 🙂

    Psychology Majors in the Library

    3. Take Abnormal Psychology

    This is a highly beloved class for a reason: IT IS JUST SO COOL. Here you learn the deets about schizophrenia, depression, anxiety disorders, eating disorders, personality disorders, bipolar disorder, and much more. Learn to diagnose your roommate! Learn what OCD actually means! See the weirdest new treatment techniques! This class is a MUST and honestly so fun.

    4. Study Cognitive Science

    Trust me, when people hear you’re a psychology major, they’re going to want to know if you can read their mind. (People are stupid.) This is a pretty close second tho. Take Cognition, Cognitive Psychology, or Cognitive Science and you’ll learn how people make decisions, think, remember, forget, pay attention, stay awake, process information, read, and learn. It is so amazing how much we know. You’ll be seriously upgrading yourself by learning the details of how your brain works. Trust me.

    5. Do Statistics

    Omg is statistics math??? I chose psychology so I’d never need to take math again! I don’t wanna do this!

    Listen, I felt the same way. Then I actually took stats. So please understand that I come from a place of love when I say: SHUT UP AND TAKE STATISTICS.

    It is not math. It is learning how to evaluate whether a claim is true, when that claim is made with numbers. And It is actually pretty intuitive. You’ll be great at it. And then you’ll understand what results actually mean. It is SO worth it to know if someone is making stuff up by jamming random stats into their claim. So buy yourself a nice notebook and go to stats. You got this. 🙂

    6. Take Social Psychology

    Ah, the class outsiders think is all we do in psychology! Social Psychology is an excellent class and has so many things to fall in love with (hint: major place for career inspiration!). Be sure not to miss your chance to learn about love, helping, teamwork, conformity, holocaust experiments, and a huge range of weird things people do in groups.

    I hope my words of advice inspire you to pursue psychology with an attitude of exploration! When you’re a Psychology Major, you’re investing in yourself. Now that’s the kind of person I want to hire. 🙂

    Much love,

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    Psychology Major skills sought by employers, pinterest image
    6 experiences every psychology major must try instagram image

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  • Understand the Mind -Brain Connection

    What do we know about the mind-brain connection? And what is consciousness?

    These are unanswered questions. Mysteries. And they’re big ones. Important ones.

    Yet, they’ve gone unsolved for so long. Do we really need answers?


    Here, my friend, are 3 possibilities for a future in which we DO understand these central aspects of ourselves.


    Truly Understand Mental Disorders

    How does the brain create thoughts?

    We don’t know the answer to this question. But what if we did? We might be able to understand, for example:

    • How the brain creates NEGATIVE THOUGHTS
    • How negative thoughts play a role in depression
    • How to treat these negative thought cycles in the brain
    • How to cure depression

    And now imagine more… what if we could do this for anxiety too? And every other mental disorder out there? Now THAT’S a future I want to be a part of!

    For many mental disorders, we treat the symptoms. SYMPTOMS is the keyword. And that is wonderful but I want more. I want to CURE them.

    Because we don’t understand the answer to the most basic question, “How does the brain create the mind?” we don’t know the true underlying biological nature of mental disorders. And until we understand it we will continue to have a hard time treating and eliminating diseases of the mind.

    Of course, I am not claiming “no one has ever recovered from depression.” What I’m saying is that, when they have recovered, we don’t know exactly WHY. And we especially don’t know why well enough to do it again and again for every person who wants help.

    But I’d like to paint a picture of the future in which we DO understand mental disorders. In which depression, anxiety, and all mental disorders are completely cured, never again to return. I want to GO THERE. I want to make it happen. 🙂 And I want to begin by creating greater knowledge of the mind-brain connection.

    Invest in knowledge typed on a typewriter

    Push the Boundaries of our Knowledge

    Another reason that I’m super into this pursuit is simply for the knowledge itself! The possibility of exploring new territories intrigues me. I LIKE that we don’t know everything yet. I LOVE that there is more to explore, test, and ponder.

    One of the reasons I think the mind-brain connection remains such a mystery is that the fields that research and practice in these disciplines are quite separate. I’m talking about Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Neuroscience, Philosophy, and Consciousness work. These are each their own fields. They’re not well connected.

    But what if they were connected?

    What if we understood the mind, the brain, and consciousness as one connected system? Wouldn’t that be just COOL? Just awesome for its own sake? Yeah, dude. It would. And It will be! So let’s go on a journey and make some friends along the way. 🙂

    Help Humanity

    Humanity needs help. Like, BIG TIME. Have you noticed?

    Today, we face MAJOR species-wide problems. Problems like:

    • Water Scarcity
    • Homelessness
    • Opioid Epidemic
    • Suicide
    • Racism
    • Sexism
    • Rape culture
    • Loneliness
    • The largest sex slave trade in history
    • Political Corruption and
    • Climate Doomsday

    Lovely, right? You know… I think there’s something I forgot… Oh wait. I omitted A LOT of things from this list. Like xenophobia. And genocide. And the worst part is, the list goes on. A LONG WAY. Humanity is in crisis.

    And… I’d just like to mention that there is one common theme in all of these factors: Humans.

    All of these are human problems. So here’s an idea if we want to solve these problems. Let’s understand ourselves as humans.

    Once we understand ourselves, from the deepest aspects of who we are, perhaps we can begin to understand WHY we have the problems that we do. And then create a roadmap for fixing them.


    A Solution to the Mind-Brain Connection Mystery

    Well friends, I’ve decided to solve the mystery of the mind-brain connection.

    I’m currently writing a book called, “How the Brain Creates the Mind.” It is a Unifying Philosophy of Mind, Brain, and Consciousness. I would love to share it with you! Here or below you can get a PDF of the book introduction to learn more.

    I truly believe that with greater knowledge of ourselves, together, we can create a more positive future for humanity. Why not?

    Read the Introduction to
    “How the Brain Creates the Mind”




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    What do you think?

    So what do you think? could we do with a unifying theory of mind, brain, and consciousness? What problems could we solve? What would the future look like? 

    Let me know!

    Chime in and say hi on Facebook or Instagram.

    Much love,
    Dr. Erienne Weine

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    Read the Introduction to
    “How the Brain Creates the Mind”




    DISCLOSURE: Receiving the introduction to my book will also sign you up for inspirational emails from Fresh Philosopher. Your information is protected and you can change your subscription at any time. Thank you for trusting me with your inbox!