Vanquish Energy Vampires

What are energy vampires? Are they even real?

Energy vampires are people who suck. Literally!

Energy vampires suck out your energy, keeping you in a negative state. They are not blood-sucking vampires, they are life-sucking vampires: people in your life who drain you (and give nothing back).

In this video, I talk about the 4 types of energy vampires I’ve encountered. I share how to deal with each one! 

Energy Vampire 1: The Talker

The talker type of energy vampire gets off by talking… and talking… and talking… and they never stop!

This sucks the life out of you by draining your listening energy and cutting you off from expressing yourself.

How to deal: Stop listening! Direct your attention elsewhere. Cut off their source of energy (which is you).

Energy Vampire 2: The Downer

The downer type of energy vampire gets off by making sure that everything is negative all of the time. They put everything down. 

This drains your energy by turning your positive energy, news, or activity into something negative.

How to deal: Call them out, and leave. Then stop going to them with your good news. Stop sharing your positive vibes with them. Find new people to share your life with. 

Energy Vampire 3: The Therapy Vampire

The therapy energy vampires drain you of life by dumping their problems all over you.

Generally, being a shoulder to cry on is a good thing. Right?

But the therapy vampire exploits this by never fixing their problems. They always have problems, and they are always worse than yours.

How to deal: Stop giving them therapy. Tell them you support them getting help or fixing their own problems. Wish them luck. Then walk away.

If they aren’t an energy vampire, this will help. If they are, they’ll be back with the same un-fixed problem and negative energy. Remember, it isn’t your job to fix them. 

Energy Vampire 4: The Drainer

This fourth energy vampire works on an energetic level. They can suck the life out of a conversation, a room, or a party super fast.  

How to deal: If you notice this type of vamp, you are sensitive. Use your sensitivity to seek out spaces that aren’t draining.

If you are momentarily stuck, put up a shield. Turn away from the person. Seek out a different seat or conversation. Put out your own positive vibes. After, clear yourself of any negativity you might have absorbed. 



  • Their source of energy is you
  • It isn’t your job to fix them
  • You never want to change the energy vampire
  • Your energy belongs to you (and no one else)
  • You can shield yourself, clear yourself, and heal yourself

I believe in you!

How do you deal with energy vampires?

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Much love,

Dr. Erienne Weine

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