Mental Wellness


Heal Yourself

Can’t go out? You can always go *within.* “And do what…?” you ask. Allow me to suggest! A healing meditation ๐Ÿ™‚ Specifically, this 5-Part Healing Meditation. I do this everyday. I invented it for myself. To heal myself. Check it out: Can’t go out? Go in. 5-Part Healing Meditation The 5-Part Healing Meditation Here are …


Change Your Life with Meditation

Do you think meditation is boring? It’s a sign: You’re ready to level up! Here are 6 meditation skills to level up your mind + reality! You’re not a beginner anymore (trust me). Here’s 6 ways to take your meditating to the next level. Video: 6 Meditation Skills that will Change Your Life Here are …

Raise Your Consciousness

Raising your consciousness raises the quality of your life experience. It levels you up – right now! Why should you raise your consciousness? To feel more alive. To be more alive! First we’ll see what consciousness is. Then, we’ll talk about 3 ways to raise it! Let’s go! Fresh Philosopher | 3 Ways to Raise Your …


Don’t Get Played in the Dating Game

Ever heard the phrase “Don’t hate the player, hate the game?” In this game, you are a toy. The time has come to get out of the game. Here I explain how we’ve been manipulated and show you how to get out. ๐Ÿ™‚ Bye toxic masculinity! Let’s get free.

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Energize when Coffee Fails

Affiliate Links Here’s what it feels like when coffee fails me. I’ve been drinking coffee for hours, just to keep my eyes open. I feel like I’m trekking to the ends of the earth. My heart rate is heavy, my mind races, Iโ€™m dizzy and weak. Yet I also feel like shooting electricity from my …

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Let Things Slide

What REALLY happens if you let things slide? When you check out of your life? Not that much, I found. Actually, taking a vacation from being a try-hard was a nice restoring break. (Although I did have to rediscover my fat pants). Here’s my late night “Confession.” What happened. Why I stopped caring. Why I …