Think Clearly

Multi-Task Better

Ever notice multi-tasking makes you feel drained, confused, and exhausted? Often, we multi-task in a way that mismatches our mind’s natural functioning. In this post, I explain 2 ways to multi-task better. Learn how to accomplish your goals with a clear mind!

Live Outside Time

The Time Illusion – Let’s talk about daylight savings time. This is the moment we collectively “choose” to treat time differently. But do you believe it? For me, daylight savings time takes a while to get used to. Why? I Don’t FEEL Different Because I don’t FEEL different. I don’t feel like it is one hour earlier. …

Why You Should Set the Bar Low

Let’s face it. You’re expected to have ambitious goals. You’re expected to be the best. You’re not supposed to set the bar low. You know you should: Work out more… Make more money… Come up with an unattainable goal that is impossible to achieve. Okay, maybe not the last one! 😉 Point is, the pressure to succeed …