Don’t Get Played in the Dating Game

Hey babe – are you a toy? No, you are not.
Do you exist to be played with? No, you do not.
Do you deserve to be manipulated? No!

But… in the dating game… you may be!

In this video, I talk about how people manipulate each other in today’s dating world.

I’m revealing the game! How it is played. And – most importantly – how to get out. ↓

Why is dating called “the game?” Understand the game so you don’t get played.

You are Not a Toy

Why is dating called “the game?” Why do we say “don’t hate the player, hate the game?”

The answer is that dating is not always a game of love. Some people play a very different game. And it is harmful to the person who is getting played. In this video, I call that person “the toy.”

In the game, the player gets the toy to give of themselves – or their heart – as much as possible. This is often measured sexually, but it can also be emotionally, energetically, or monetarily.

Once the toy has given a lot of themselves to the player, the player leaves. They end the relationship, disappear, or simply withdraw their time, attention, and affection.

In this case, the player has won. They have won affection, sex, money, declared feelings, or the toy’s heart. Meanwhile, they have not gone so far. They have not given their heart in return.

In removing themselves quickly from their target once the game is up, the player proves that they “got” the other person. What do I mean by got? I mean got to take the relationship – and their feelings – past the neutral zone. While this happens, the player themselves stay cool, neutral, free, and unattached.

By revealing the game and how it is played, my hope is to give you the tools to break down this very damaging system.

Bye toxic masculinity! Let’s get free.


Did you know – You are not a toy?

What do you think? Does your experience resonate with my description of “the game?” How have you gotten free?

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Thanks for watching!

Dr. Erienne Weine

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