Hi! My name is Dr. Erienne Weine. I am the creative force behind Fresh Philosopher.


I hold a Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology.

As a Cognitive Scientist, I’ve researched and published academic research articles on questions about how the mind works. This includes topics such as concepts, memory, causality, judgment & decision-making, expert thinking, and mental health.

As a Professor, I teach undergraduate psychology courses including Foundations of Psychology, Cognition, Developmental Psychology, Laboratory in Research Design, and Senior Capstone Seminars.



I am writing a philosophy book about how the brain creates the mind! It is my solution to the hard problem of consciousness. The book includes detailed models of neural structures as they give rise to mental events such as consciousness, sensation, attention, concepts, learning, memory, thinking, judgment and decision making, behavior, language, depression, anxiety, trauma.

Interested? Request a copy of the Introduction (free) here.



I’ve found that I have to be my best self in order to live the life of my dreams, be a professor, share my knowledge, and write my own book. So I decided to up-level myself in every way possible, from the inside-out. From this journey Fresh Philosopher was born!

Fresh Philosopher is where I share my passion for upgrading my mind, brain, and conscious experience. I focus on tips about mindset, mental wellness, and living a high-vibe life. I share these through the Fresh Philosopher blog, YouTube videos, Pinterest graphics, and Instagram + Facebook posts.


I have found a positive Mindset to be infinitely rewarding. Mentally framing life in a positive way allows me to manifest my dreams into reality with greater ease. Mindset topics include: confidence, intuition, resilience, creativity, and positivity.

Mental Wellness

Mental Wellness is something I work to cultivate every day. Rather than focusing on only fixing mental illness, I choose to develop a regular practice of helping myself be mentally well. These idea include recognizing and attending to symptoms of depression and anxiety, meditating, journaling, self-care, and mental health hacks.

High-Vibe Life

To me, living a High-Vibe Life means giving myself huge life upgrades – in small ways! These take the form of healthy habits, positive routines, and lifestyle changes. The idea is to live as much as possible in a calm, peaceful, high-energy state! In this area I talk about having a morning routine, eating plant-based, and caring for your body in every season.

Dr. Erienne Weine leans in and listens to you Consulting


I want to help you understand how your mind works because it allows you to truly live the life of your dreams. Why continue the same draining patterns? Instead live your life in a way that propels you to a better place!

To help guide you on your own journey, I offer services in three categories:


I give invited talks about how the mind works. I show you how to use current Cognitive Science to understand yourself and live harmoniously with your own natural mental functioning. This is best for groups, associations, clubs, workplaces, and conferences.


A strong concept is the center of every thriving business, product, and service. By showing you the nature of concepts, I will help you effectively communicate your ideas, both to your own team and the world. To effectively get your idea off of the ground, I offer Concept Consulting for start-ups, new projects, budding entrepreneurs, and companies looking to keep up in the new millennium.


Are you pursuing the life of your dreams? Would you like to be? I am! Let me show you how to do it. I work with you one-on-one to help you clarify the life of your dreams, take steps to get there, identify roadblocks, and learn tools to manifest the deep, beautiful, fulfilling life of your dreams.


Thank you for reading all about me and my passion projects! I am very excited to share my story and connect with you.

Now… it is your turn! I want to know about you. Hop over to my YouTube channel, Instagram, or Facebook, and leave me a comment. Introduce yourself and say hi!

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Welcome to the Fresh Philosopher community! I hope you find knowledge inspiration here.


Dr. Erienne Weine

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