Everything We Know is a Concept

Products, businesses, services… these are concepts, held in people’s minds. Hi, my name is Dr. Erienne Weine. I offer Concept Consulting:

Concept Consulting

I align business concepts with the way humans think.

First I teach you what concepts are and how they work on a cognitive level.

Then I tailor this knowledge to your product, service, or idea.

The outcome is an upgraded concept that organically captures attention and sticks in the mind. When idea stick in our mind, they stick in our life.

Ways to Work with Me:

Touch people’s minds

Ask me to provide targeted conceptual feedback on a product, service, or initiative. I hone your concept into an irresistible idea that gets shared organically.

See your work with fresh eyes

Invite me to give a talk teaching your in-house thinkers the cognitive mechanism underlying all ideas. This will give you the tools to revitalize your company’s concepts. 

Evolve your business concepts

Hire my brain to generate a game-changing idea for your industry, as it grows into a new millennium. First, I listen to your goals, mission, and pain points. Then, I produce a innovative idea tailored to your future.


Contact me here to begin: CONTACT

I’ll reply with the Concept Consulting Application. This helps me learn about you to see if we are a good fit for each other. There’s no obligation.

Thank you!

I look forward to bringing your ideas to life!


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