Negativity Detox


What is a “Negative Thinking Detox?”

In this mini-course, I share 7 hacks to detox your brain from negativity and upgrade your mental world! Specifically, I teach you how to eliminate negative thoughts and cultivate positive thoughts instead. Yeah!

What do you mean by “Eliminate Negative Thoughts?”

When I say Eliminate Negative Thoughts, I mean remove self-sabotaging, draining ideas from the brain. In this mini-course, you’ll learn tips on how to cut out negative thinking, and the beliefs that underlie those thoughts.

What do you mean by “Cultivate Positive Thoughts?”

When I say Cultivate Positive Thoughts, I mean plant supportive, life-giving idea in your brain. I use these tricks every day!

What is a Mini-Course?

By mini-course, I mean I provide bite-sized amounts of information and “food for thought” to help you master your inner world.

What will I learn?

You’ll learn basic skills for taking control of your thoughts!

What does the course include?

This mini-class consists of seven emails. One will be sent to your inbox for seven days. Each email contains:

1. A super short lesson for cultivating positive thoughts or removing negative ones.

2. A few questions that encourage you to think about, journal, and process the trick of the day!

Give it a try!

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Dr. Erienne Weine



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