Palm Reading

The palm is the blueprint of your life-force energy.

It reveals your innate energy patterns. These are the abilities you were born with. It also reveals how you’ve used them so far.

The Palm, Revealed

Your palm reading will reveal the following aspects of your life:

  • Life Force · Energy · Life Path
  • Mind · Mental World
  • Heart · Love
  • Willpower
  • Leadership · Power
  • Diligence · Work · Organization
  • Success · Fate · Security
  • Creativity · Artistic Talent
  • Communication · Thinking
  • Health · Healing
  • Intuition · Sensitivity
  • Relationships · Soul Mates
  • Skills · Abilities · Gifts · Strengths · Protections
  • Challenges · Weaknesses · Pitfalls · Lessons
  • Rare Traits
  • Past · Present · Future

About Erienne

Hi! My name is Erienne [airy-enn]. I am a palm reader living in Boston, MA. I have been reading palms consistently since 2015.

I absolutely love reading palms and communicating the unique information revealed there!

I read in the classical tradition of palmistry as taught in The Art and Science of Hand Reading by Ellen Goldberg and Dorian Bergen.

Palm Readings

In your palm reading, we will cover: All of the major lines, minor lines, the mounts, fingers, consistency of the palm, and special indications.

Full Reading: $50

Half Reading: $25

Book a Palm Reading

All readings done in Jamaica Plain, MA

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Thank you!

I look forward to reading your palm.



Prof. Erienne Weine, Ph.D.

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