Motivational Speaking

Hi! I am a Motivational Speaker.

My name is Dr. Erienne Weine (pronounced: Airy-enn Wine).

I love talking about how the mind works
…and the brain, consciousness, and mental energy!

I am a hyper-entertaining speaker: I make a lot of jokes and bring a ton of positive energy.

Become Educated, Illuminated, & Inspired

In every talk, I apply knowledge of how the mind works to real-life mental obstacles (I am both a motivational speaker and cognitive scientist).

Before I begin, I survey your group’s goals and tailor my talk to show you how to create your ideal mental world and bring your dreams to life!

My talk is a mental upgrade – backed by research.

Speaking Demo Video:

Here is my speaking demo video!

Check it out ↓

Thank you for watching!


Interested in working together?

Contact me here to begin: CONTACT

I’ll reply with the Motivational Speaking Application. This helps me learn about you to see if we are a good fit for each other. There’s no obligation.

Thank you!

I look forward to sharing my knowledge and positive energy with you!


Dr. Erienne Weine

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