Multi-Task Better

Ever notice multi-tasking makes you feel drained, confused, and exhausted? Often, we multi-task in a way that mismatches our mind’s natural functioning. In this post, I explain 2 ways to multi-task better. Learn how to accomplish your goals with a clear mind!

Video: Stop Multi-tasking Wrong

Working Memory

We do mental work in a space called working memory.

Working memory uses units called “chunks.”


A chunk is a piece of information that you deem to be one unit.

Our working memory has the capacity to hold about 7 chunks (or a few more or less). Actually, the size of our working memory is called:

The Magical Number Seven, Plus or Minus Two

So we have 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9 chunks to use at any given time. And that’s it.

Memorizing Something

Let’s say you’re trying to memorize an email address that someone just told you. You have your working memory available to hold that information. How will you organize the chunks?

If the email address is, you have some options:

Each letter is a chunk:

  1. F
  2. R
  3. E
  4. S
  5. H
  6. P
  7. H

Oh! That’s seven. No more room to memorize. Not the best method. What else can you do?

Use larger units, such as words and symbols:

  • fresh
  • philosopher
  • @
  • gmail
  • .com

There! The whole email address is memorized with only 5 chunks. That works great!

You have infinite options. For example:

  • fresh
  • philosopher

How you chunk information up to you!

Multi-Tasking with Chunks

Multi-tasking takes place in working memory. (At least, the mental part does!) That means multi-tasking uses chunks.

When you do one task, for example task A, you bring up all of the task A chunks into working memory.

BUT if you’re multi-tasking, you’ll need to drop the chunks for task A and bring up the chunks for task B.

The problem is, when we’re multi-tasking, we constantly drop chunks and bring up new chunks. Over and over again. We never fully finish using chunks before we drop them.

This method means we spend a lot of time and mental effort simply moving chunks around, rather than completing work.

Thus, multi-tasking can be a lot of mental effort with few results.


Start Multi-Tasking Right: 2 Methods

So what to do? Start multi-tasking in a way that matches how your mind naturally works!

Here are two methods I use and recommend:


Fully tasking is the opposite of multi-tasking. It means bringing up all of the chunks you need, using them at that time, completing your task, then dropping the chunks forever. For example:

  • Read email
  • Decide answer
  • Type answer
  • Hit send

This has also been popularized as the “Touch It Once” method.

Read about the Touch It Once method here.


Multi-stacking means to weave many small tasks together by fully completing a small task from column A before fully completing a small task from column B. Then switching back to A. Like this:

  • Read and answer text 1
  • Water plant 1
  • Read and answer text 2
  • Water plant 2
  • Read and answer text 3
  • Water plant 3
  • Etc.

Stop Multi-Tasking Wrong

So there you have it! What multi-tasking is, how it works in the mind, how we often do it wrong, and two ways to do it better!

For more, check out the YouTube video I made on the topic:

Video: Stop Multi-tasking Wrong

What do you think about Multi-Tasking?

What do you think about my explanation of multi-tasking?

Would you ever try multi-stacking? I need to know!

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Here’s to your success #multi-stacking

Dr. Erienne Weine

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