Listen to Your Intuition

Mystical pursuits are cool because they can help you increase intuition, cultivate your mental health, and reach higher levels of consciousness.

Here I provide a brief introduction to the top 3 mystical pursuits. Then I show you the rockstars who are creating must-see content in this exciting realm. Enjoy:

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Horoscope Popularity

Horoscopes have become incredibly popular in the last few years. Have you noticed too? In addition to seeing constellations and words like “Capricorn” and “Gemini”  printed on everything from shirts to plates, I think this trend of astrological exploration is going to continue to expand. Here are a few such avenues, along with some great resources for learning about each.

I bet you know your “sign.” Awesome! Well, there is so much more the zodiac can help you understand about yourself (and it’s amazing)!

Moon in a misty sky: Introduction to mystical pursuits 2018
Moon sign

Your moon sign is where the moon was when you were born. Knowing the sign of your moon is just like knowing your type of subconsciousness. Check out your moon sign to gain insight into how you mentally process things, how you deal with past hurts, your relationship to your dreams, and how you choose to use your intuition. Pretty cool.

And that’s just one of many things the zodiac can shine a little more light on!

Rising Sign
Your rising sign is the zodiac house that was on the horizon when you were born. This can tell you about how other people see you from a distance. Ever feel misunderstood, or like people judge you incorrectly? Your rising sign can help shed light on this, and give you the tools to smooth over perception snags.

Here are a few astrologers dedicated to the craft of communicating the planets’ effect on us, whose predictions are spot-on.

Chani Nicholas

Omg. She’s JUST. SO. GOOD! Chani explains why reading your rising sign is super helpful. She offers WOKE horoscopes touching on current political and social issues. And she makes her own imagery (which is AMAZING). Hop on her newsletter and regret it never.

The Astrotwins

Literally, twins who read horoscopes. They are hilarious. And comprehensive. I have their app, which offers daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes. But they also have so many amazingly revealing articles on their site. These two also love to cover unconventional horoscope topics (such as fashion, hair, and wellness trends). Check out their amazing and prolific perspective.

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What is Tarot?

This is a fun predictive card game. Each card has a life theme on it. You ask an open-ended question, draw a card using your intuition, then look up the meaning of your card for some insight. I find it a stress-free way of gaining new perspectives on issues in my life that are foggy. Its one of the mystical pursuits that anyone can do, because there’s always an instruction manual to help you interpret the cards.

Fun ways to Tarot
  • Gift yourself a deck
  • Get a professional reading
  • Draw one Tarot card for yourself every day
  • Incorporate Tarot into your next bff gathering
The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck
The Wild Unknown tarot Deck by Kim Krans

Created by Kim Krans, this is a super-inspiring deck by an intuitive artist. Each card is a work of art. And the simple but powerful card explanations will make you want to read Tarot all night long.

The Starchild Tarot

Mystical Pursuit: Tarot. Image of tarot card from StarchildtarotThese cards are a is a visual sonnet. Seriously breathtaking. Do your eyes a favor and peek at Danielle Noel’s beyond-gorgeous cards.

Palm Reading

Ever had your palm read?  Most professional readers will give you lots of insightful information about yourself and your life. This may be a year you decide to get a palm reading just for fun!

The type of palm reading I think will be big in 2018 tho, is self palm reading. That’s right! Reading your own palm. Here are the 3 basic lines.

Love line
The most popular of lines for a reason, your love line stretches from underneath your pinkie finger over toward your pointer and middle fingers. My favorite thing to read on the love line? Which finger does it point to?
Middle finger: You tend to care most about making the other person happy in the relationship.
Pointer finger: You don’t see the point of relationships that don’t bring you joy.

Line split or in the middle: You’re flexible.

Head Line

The line of mental strength, stability, and change. The beginning of your life starts under your pointer finger, then moves toward the side of your hand (under the pinkie). Most head lines extend to underneath the ring finger, which is toward your later life years. Check out variations in depth. This helps show when you get most interested in mental activities in your life. You can also track lines off-shooting from your head line to other lines to see things you might be thinking about!

Life Line
This one wraps widely around your thumb! Excitingly, this line won’t tell you how long you’ll live. Sigh. Rather, it indicates the quality of your life. (Deeper is higher quality, more balanced.) The beginning of life is in between your thumb and pointer finger, and the line extends in time down toward your wrist.

There you go! You’re a beginner palm reader!

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Palm reading for beginners

Palm reading: The basics by Lauren Conrad. Click the image to visit her site!Lauren Conrad has an excellent article on palm reading for beginners. If this piques your interest a little, I invite you to check it out!

As with all mystical pursuits, there is a lot of variety in interpretation. Everyone agrees about the basics. But the deeper interpretation is in the mind of the beholder. So, if you’re reading your own palm, then go with what feels right in your gut. Discard what feels fake.

The ultimate guide to palmistry

 For palm reading, the only thing I truly trust is what I call THE TEXTBOOK (because it is 500+ pages and written by two lifetime professional palm readers). The Art and Science of Hand Reading by Ellen Goldberg and Dorian Bergen was just published in 2016 and I’m obsessed.

It’s 2018: Be a little mystical!

So go ahead and try something here that resonates with you! I hope you find some inspiration in your own mystical pursuits.

Lots of Celestial Love,

Fresh Philosopher

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3 mystical ways to raise your consciousness in 2018, large Pinterest Image

Tarot, Palm Reading, & Moon Signs for Beginners, Large Pinterest Image

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