Let Things Slide

What REALLY happens if you let things slide? When you check out of your life?

Not that much, I found.

Actually, taking a vacation from being a try-hard was a nice restoring break. (Although I did have to rediscover my fat pants).

Here’s my late night “Confession.” What happened. Why I stopped caring. Why I let things slide. And what I learned.

WARNING: FOUL LANGUAGE (I told you it was a confessional.)



Thanks for watching!

In Summary:

Taking a break, letting things slide, or checking out of your life TRULY isn’t a big deal. 

Life goes on. 

Everyone is busy with their own things. 

We all need times of relaxation where we can recharge. 

However, sometimes we don’t let ourselves recharge for a very long time. In this case, a planned break in the future may not do it for you. Instead, you may need to take a break NOW.

That is what I mean by “checking out of your life.” I mean NOT CARING NOW. Doing things at 50% rather than 100%. Saying no to freaking everything. Resting

Let things slide when you have nothing in the tank. And I promise, you’ll benefit from it.


What happens when YOU let things slide?

What happens when you let things slide? Have you ever tried this?

Hop on over to this video post on the Fresh Philosopher YouTube Channel to leave me a comment. Let me know! I need to know. 🙂

Happy sliding!

Dr. Erienne Weine
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